Unreasonably Cold

January 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Some years ago, the weather section on the front page of the New York Times included among the usual weather info the following statement: “Unreasonably cold”. I assume that the Times should have used “Unseasonably cold”, but I feel certain that this “typo” was the work of a rogue copy editor just calling it like it was. And for the next several days in New York, it is going to be totally and relentlessly Unreasonably Cold.

So, before I get on with my own advice on keeping warm without looking like a schlub, here is a nice little post from New York Magazine on the subject:


While I don’t agree with all that is said here, I will be doing some personal vetting of those Uniqlo Heattech underthings as I am a major believer in major layering. (Making this the only time of year when I would ever consider a game of strip poker. But you know that I’d probably consider it for about three seconds before dismissing such an activity entirely.) Anyway…here is my list of top layering pieces for Unreasonably Cold weather:

1)  J. Crew Long-sleeved Tissue T’s.

Sure, they may fall apart, but the are light weight and can actually be seen peaking out of things without losing your modesty or fashion credibility.

2)  Hanro Silk Long Undies

For when I am feeling all Swiss and Fancy. No bulk, lots of extra warmth.

3) LL Bean Silk Long Undies

Sometimes I like to  pretend that I am a practical girl. Very little bulk for good warmth.

4) EMS Long Ski Undies

These are ideal for when I think I might die from the cold and don’t give a fig about bulk.

5) Brooks Brothers Wool Knee Socks.

Argyle. Their insanity makes them work with anything. And these babies are LONG, so you are assured excellent calf coverage.

6) Wolford tights.

We’re all adults here. And Wolford hosiery is not for kids. For maximum layering, pair the regular opaques with the silk Hanros. Wool ribbed if your pants are feeling a little roomy.

7) Hunter Wellies

With a liner. Let’s not mess around.

The one glaring omission from NY Magazine’s suggestions from the Fabulous Set is the hat. Sure, they were mentioned here and there,  but I know you know this Essential Truth: Hats keep you warm. Your hair will survive. Just put one on. A nice-looking one, naturally.

And finally, a word on keeping warm indoors: Get yourself a hot water bottle. Really. LL Bean makes a nice cashmere covered one for a reasonable price, and if you are feeling unreasonable, get thyself to Malo.


(Photo: Mr. H.)

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