Matchbooks are for Lovers

January 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

I don’t smoke. (I don’t think you are allowed to in New York anymore.) But I am a sucker for a charming matchbook cover. So it saddens me that so many restaurants around town are replacing their lovely matches with weird little logo-emblazoned pads of paper that are about the size of a Bubblicious wrapper. They are just so, well, disappointing.

No one is writing their number on those things to give to someone at the bar. And I am fairly certain that important note-taking happens using one’s smartphone, tablet or lovely Hermès diary. And so, I deem these matchbook replacements to be useless. And unless something is ridiculously beautiful or highly amusing, I don’t go in for Useless.

Which brings me back to the matchbook. Aside from being extremely useful — candles, people, candles — I love passing by a small group of them around the house and office. For me, they serve as excellent little mementos of time spent with the people I adore at the places I love best. Like photographs, but without someone’s eyes closed in the shot or you feeling like your arms look bad.

Therefore, I make this plea:  Can we have real matchbooks again, please??


(Photo: Some Cozy Night)

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