Suddenly this Afternoon

March 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

I have a birthday coming up. The one after 39. And my Mother decided to send me a most fabulous gift, which arrived just this afternoon: Vintage copies of American, British and French Vogue from the month and year I was born.

Aside from looking at all of the fabulous things I could have worn if I were an adult then, I was particularly taken with American Vogue’s 39-year-old cover girl that month:

If anyone asked me when I was growing up who was the most beautiful woman in the world, I would have said “Elizabeth Taylor”. And if anyone asked me as an adult who was way ahead of her time and had done so very much for AIDS research and acceptance, I would have to say “Elizabeth Taylor”. Nice bookends to a rather amazing life, no?

Even today, I always liked knowing that she was around doing her thing, whatever it may have been*, and how she just Got On With Things. I plan to keep that in mind as I celebrate my birthday. I also plan to remember that I am an awfully lucky girl and that helping those who are less so when you can is beautiful, too:

Here’s to Dame Taylor and to a cure.


Ms. 39 (for a few more weeks, anyway)


*Except Larry Fortensky — I never trusted him. It was the hair.

Just around the corner…

March 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

A few months ago the fortune in my cookie read as follows:

“Right now you must be patient.”

I could have been peeved by this admonishment from a cookie (a COOKIE!!), but I was not. In fact, this extremely apt fortune currently sits on my desk at the office, so that I can refer to its wisdom from time to time. Between work and other kinds of projects that feel as if they will never be done, that nagging feeling of The Blahs popping up now and again, and the ridiculous weather* we’ve been having in New York, the cookie was right: I NEED to be patient.

So, imagine my delight to see these little lovelies popping up around my garden this weekend:

Snowdrops, above and I think crocus below.

What I find so exciting about these developments is that they are proof of the beginnings of a change. Next up will be the daffodils, followed by forsythia and maybe a project or two will be complete. No doubt some time with friends in France will chase away those ¬†impending Blahs and then it will be time to plant my spring lettuces and herbs. Before I know it, everything will be in bloom — maybe even at the office, too. (And can taking my new summer Manolos for a spin really be that far behind??)

All things that are worth being patient for, no?


Ms. Patient

*Really, the weather has been completely unacceptable. And when I find out who is in charge in this department, I plan to let my dissatisfaction be known.

(Photos: Some Cozy Night)

39 going on 4

March 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

What you see here is the result of one day’s worth of living in a new top I decided to wear today. Please note that each stain sticker represents a separate incident in my new top and that I was only wearing it for the customary nine to ten hours. Perhaps Net-a-Porter sells a Sippy Cup?

Good night!


(Photo that is close to making me cry: Some Cozy Night)

Let There Be Brights!

March 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Fashion of late seems to be all over the place, no? But there does seem to be one trend this season that is hard to avoid: Brights. Electric blues, acid yellow and green, things bordering on neon – it is everywhere.

Tough stuff, especially if you grew up in the eighties and prefer to avoid looking like an extra in a Wham video. But page after page of models styled in retina-searing color caused me to give serious consideration the trend. How could I pull it off without anyone getting hurt?

The more I thought about it, I realized that this trend might be one of the easier ones to follow, provided that one approaches it carefully. Nail polish is a good start, and as long as you don’t put brights with black, the clothing options are manageable.

For me, my feet were where I decided to conduct my initial testing. And as usual, Alber Elbaz did not let me down. In addition to popping shoes into the most beautiful boxes I have ever seen, Lanvin also made my favorite ballet flats in a gorgeous shade of bright pink. Bright enough for now, but complex enough for post-trend use. J’adore!


(Photo of my just-broken-in flats: Some Cozy Night)

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