Just around the corner…

March 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

A few months ago the fortune in my cookie read as follows:

“Right now you must be patient.”

I could have been peeved by this admonishment from a cookie (a COOKIE!!), but I was not. In fact, this extremely apt fortune currently sits on my desk at the office, so that I can refer to its wisdom from time to time. Between work and other kinds of projects that feel as if they will never be done, that nagging feeling of The Blahs popping up now and again, and the ridiculous weather* we’ve been having in New York, the cookie was right: I NEED to be patient.

So, imagine my delight to see these little lovelies popping up around my garden this weekend:

Snowdrops, above and I think crocus below.

What I find so exciting about these developments is that they are proof of the beginnings of a change. Next up will be the daffodils, followed by forsythia and maybe a project or two will be complete. No doubt some time with friends in France will chase away those  impending Blahs and then it will be time to plant my spring lettuces and herbs. Before I know it, everything will be in bloom — maybe even at the office, too. (And can taking my new summer Manolos for a spin really be that far behind??)

All things that are worth being patient for, no?


Ms. Patient

*Really, the weather has been completely unacceptable. And when I find out who is in charge in this department, I plan to let my dissatisfaction be known.

(Photos: Some Cozy Night)

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