De Kas

April 4, 2011 § Leave a comment


Mr. H and I landed in Amsterdam tired, but resolved. After a few hours on the town (we were looking for pancakes), we decided a major nap was needed lest we pass out before dinner. Fast forward to four hours later where we arrived at one of the first farm-to-table restaurants in the city: Restaurant De Kas.

Now, I was still awfully tired, but the place itself was instantly reviving. It is essentially an extremely chic greenhouse that serves simply delicious food. Roasted, marinated carrots, meaty olives and moist, crusty bread was the opening to a refreshing and lovely set meal of fish, veggies, veal (I made an exception), cheeses and sweets.

Upon leaving, we got a little tour of the mini-greenhouse. Aside from Meyer lemon trees, lime trees, rhubarb and lavender, I was able to shoot one lone patch of spinach that was not blurry and several extremely blurry shots of said items above.

Mr. H indulged in some garlic greens, and I just enjoyed the smell of soil and things growing. Spring is most definitely in site!




(Photos that I now see are ALL blurry…the wine was also good: Some Cozy Night)

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