Good Wacky

April 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Good Wacky isn’t to be found in the latest Rom-Com, or, for the most part, on any of the heads of those who attended that little wedding across the pond today. (Seriously, Beatrice and Eugenie, you both looked Bad Wacky. Sorry.)

It is never good when anyone is trying too hard to be “wacky”. However, it is totally amazing when someone just can’t contain themselves and Things Happen. Like these windows I spied on my recent trip to Amsterdam and Paris:

Good Wacky, Exhibit 1:

Antique Shop Window in Amsterdam, just before Easter, which this shopkeeper seemed to use as a major excuse to share his major love of little chick decorations:

This was just the beginning.

And we’re not even near finished…

I would agree with anyone who is thinking there is an underlying darkness to this display, but mostly, I think this shopkeeper really adores these little fuzzy things.

And one of my favorites, even though I think they are ALL my favorites:

Good Wacky, Exhibit #2:

Shopkeeper in Paris who expresses Easter Joy through weird little marching creatures made of chocolate:

Don’t they look like they are having the best time? If I were marching toward several cakes and other Parisian confections, I would be having a pretty good time, so this all adds up to me.

Good Wacky, Exhibit #3:

Not to be outdone in Paris, another window celebrating all that is Easter (if you feel it is about bunnies and stuff like that):

I hadn’t noticed that one bunny’s sweater — or that they are both wearing pants — until today. The French are really all about the clothes sometimes. I am not even touching the see-saw…

Especially when right next to these guys was this:

You know, a giant rabbit wearing a flower cape. What else could say “Easter”? Ahhh!! A life-sized goose wearing a flower cape, naturally:

Those bright pink and yellow feathers show that this window dresser means business. Really. I love this stuff. (Even though the goose looks a little high.)

Other non-trip-related Good Wacky examples:

1) Everything about the Rosalind Russell version of “Auntie Mame”. Being chic and wacky is a rare art.

2) Ummm….”Rosemary’s Baby”. Special shout out to Ruth Gordon as “Minnie”. Awesome.

3) Cindy Adams. (Especially the time I saw her wearing the biggest white fur hat I have ever seen, while dining with Joan Rivers. No. I am not making this up.)

4) Bjork. And she is also extremely cool.

5) Electing to live with twin terriers.

6) My own dear Aunt Bella, who taught me that red Chanel lipstick, fake cherries on your hat, and fearlessness when pursuing fun adds up to complete and utter fabulousness. I miss her.


(Photos:  Some Cozy Night, while a very patient Mr. H took in the scenery and was hopefully thinking that his wife was Good Wacky.)

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