May 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Who cares if it is a made-up word? I have loved “Harrogatha” since I first read it in the September ’07 issue of Vogue. Plum Sykes was interviewing hairstylist Ashley Javier, and he used it to describe what I can only imagine from context was a pretty horrid apartment. (A horrid New York apartment, which to me means something out of “Looking for Mr. Goodbar” or “Taxi Driver”.) Some time later I read that the term is used when “something is so horrible, so horrendous, so bad that it’s practically infectious”.*

Yes, I believe I’ve had a string of days that can be accurately described as harrogatha. OK, maybe not that harrogatha, but harrogatha enough. And they’d left me feeling red, limbless and frowning.

Thankfully, a few very special people made it their business to see that the cycle was broken and I guess this is a little valentine to them.  (You know who you are.)

Life is complicated and sometimes hard. Things can get harrogatha. And it’s easy to forget that being sure to show the ones you love how much you care is one of the best things Humans on Earth can do. (Sorry if I am being sappy, but there it is.) The people who took time this week to show me how much they cared are darn perfect examples of that important fact. I hope I can always do the same in kind — without it becoming uncomfortably weird, of course.

Thanks, guys.


* Full discussion, which I find to be rather snarky, but whatever, can be found here: http://www.glossedover.com/glossed_over/2007/11/sykes-mystery-f.html)

(Photo: Some Cozy Night)

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