Ladurée is coming to NYC, but…

May 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

I can’t imagine that it will feel the same as eating their sweets in Paris. Really, it is the most beautiful city.

Where even the window coverings have an extra little something. This window  — which happens to be at the hotel where “My Soap” was discover and abounded — seems almost pregnant with the possibilities on the other side.

Every place has its colors and these seem uniquely Parisian to me. It’s the slate and parchment with that teeny pop of raspberry. Or should I say “framboise”?

Then there is the constant prettiness of even the most quotidian apartment buildings. (Yeah…”quotidian” is probably a 15-cent word. But it fits here.)

I do love the little gardens that seem to pop up in between buildings. As you pass them by, you begin to see that they aren’t such casual affairs at all. Paris takes its beauty very seriously. Further evidenced by these off-the-cuff photos…

By the Invalides. I don’t yet know how to crop photos so that the “keep of the grass” sign could be eliminated. Someday.

And let’s not forget the long stretches of perfectly planted loveliness, without that “this is all too perfect” feeling.

Oh, yes! The bridges. This isn’t even an especially good shot from one of them, but I always get happy when I am crossing a bridge in Paris. Droit or Gauche…each side has its own brand of “I have died and gone to heaven”.

And while the Parisians themselves have a bit of a reputation, it must be said that most were beyond pleasant to me, and…

…they remembered my birthday!



(Photos: Some Cozy Night in her favorite city. Sorry, NY, it just is.)

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