Taking To One’s Bed

May 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Having recently covered Harrogatha, I could see why you’d fear that this may be a repetitive post. I prefer to think of it as more of a prescription for times when you have had a pretty harrogatha day, or are extremely done with the zillion things that are going on in your life. In situations like these — especially when you may be a little short on sleep anyway — Taking To One’s Bed is really the best possible course of action. I took to my bed at around 4pm today. I did have some Thai takeout in between then and now, but as soon as I finish writing this, I am TTOB until morning.

Some tips and suggestions for making the most out of TTOB:

1. Make sure you make your bed every day so that when you take to it, it is all nice and tidy. Nothing is worse than getting into an unmade bed. (OK, many things are worse than that, but you know what I mean.)

2. Sferra sheets. Nothing super fancy, just super good.

3. Proper entertainment in case you can’t fall asleep right away. This should be in arms reach and should be utterly frivolous and indulgent.

4. HIDE THE BLACKBERRY. I didn’t do that today and I regret it.

5. Wash the day off your face (and moisturize).

6. Put on something un-scruffy, but comfortable.  Super soft cotton or lightweight cashmere helps.

7. Beverage of your choice, within arm’s reach.

8. Drop the guilt. TTOB is good for you in small doses.

Now you are ready to TTOB. Rest up and enjoy because you probably have a lot to do tomorrow.


(Photo of a window at Le Petit Trianon: Some Cozy Night, who is pretty certain that Marie Antoinette knew how to TTOB.)

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