The Friend Who Brings You Soup

October 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

This week has been very bad in the migraine department. I’ve been sick for a few days, not really able to do much of anything except wish my headache away and check email as necessary. Mr. H has been supportive as always, but this evening he had to attend an event and I was home alone. I normally don’t mind this, but the evening was vastly improved on account of my most excellent friend, who brought me some homemade soup. (Yes, it was delicious. She has mad skills in the kitchen.)

In the age of social media, where the virtual world sometimes feels more real than what is going on right outside your window, the notion of someone bringing you soup when you are sick seems downright old-fashioned. But in the best possible way. And the friend that brings it to you is also the best possible kind of friend to have.



(Photo of real, live sky in case you haven’t seen it in a while: Some Cozy Night)

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