Pot Head

October 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, this weekend I was passing by Neo Studio, which is one of my favorite shops by the beach. I wasn’t in need of a stick of furniture or even a lamp, which Jean-Yves, the store’s knowledgeable and warm proprietor, always has in more-than-ample supply. Still, I popped in because you never know.

There I was, running around the store, decorating my imaginary house in L.A. — a habit I’ve developed that Mr. H just adores. But how could I not with four amazing orange metal chairs for the sun room, a super-cool David Hicks* lacquer parsons desk for the bedroom and about five very sexy lamps for everywhere else? Never mind the rosewood, almost-deco but definitely mid-century desk for the study, the splendid seventies Milo Baughman dining room chairs and…ok, I’ll stop. For now.

When I finally came back to earth, I spied a lovely little piece of pottery. It was ribbed in ocher and chocolate brown on the outside and had that same deep brown, but all glossy, on the inside. It was made in Germany, in spite of looking so Danish. And before I knew it Jean-Yves and I were laughing and wishing each other a wonderful Saturday while I was putting it in the car to take home.

Hello. My name is Mrs. H and I am a Pot Head. I also do various dishes and other vessels. And honestly, I am not sure that it is even a problem. Still there appears to be a pattern…

There is more. Lots more. But I will spare you and get on with the Point of the Post, which is this:

I probably started collecting pottery when I was in my twenties. It was affordable, space efficient and most importantly, it brought a little beauty into my living space.

Today I am kind of amazed that I still find more reasons (excuses?) to add another piece to my collection. But in all fairness, many of the items above are not only pretty, but useful. These pieces keep jewelry and keys from scratching furniture and serve as off-handed coasters so that guests don’t feel awkward about where to put down a drink. They store rather ugly things in a humorous and chic way. And very often, they beg to be filled with flowers, adding an extra dose of cheer to a room.

I also love to rest my eyes on a cluster of them, or just one all by itself, to enjoy the lines and shapes they create. Those are moments that take my mind off of Things, which is reason enough, I think, to be a Pot Head.


* You must know about David Hicks, and then we can discuss Jonathan Adler and others of his ilk. You can begin here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Nightingale_Hicks

(Photos, which for some reason are always off center when I upload them: Some Cozy Night)

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