Whinin’ and Wrappin’

December 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

In spite of my feelings for the Holidays, like Ouiser Bourdreaux*, I do what The Rules dictate: I decorate, I plan, I shop and I wrap. A lot. I have been wrapping since yesterday at around eleven in the morning until probably 9 last night, and then I picked up again at eleven again today. I am still not finished. And I am cranky.

That said, the whole mess looks rather pretty:

As you may have noticed, I really don’t wrap with a holiday theme in mind. I just kind of buy a bunch of things that I like and put them together in ways that I hope people will find to be Delightful. (Or at least not Hideous.) This may be one reason why it takes me so long to wrap everything, volume aside.

There are also these factors:

– I’ve cut too much or too little paper for any given gift.

– I’ve done the same thing with the freaking ribbon.

– The tape rejects the paper.

– My hair gets caught in the tape.

– My dogs try to help.

– The paper rips at the corners (Ms J, this may be happening to one of your gifts. Just know that I tried my best. And I hope you like what I got you.)

– The gift is a toy for a child. Seriously, next year all children on my list are getting trade paperbacks.

– The gift came in a paid-for “gift box” that doesn’t quite contain said gift. (Mom, that would be your gift this year.)

– The gift comes with NO BOX, even though I purchased it at a VERY SWANKY STORE. (Mr. H, that one is yours.)

– Tying bows is a Development Area for me.

– I only have two arms and two hands. And a job outside of wrapping gifts.

Given all that, I suppose I should not be surprised that it takes so much time. But like dressing yourself properly, I do think it is worth the effort:

So I guess I’ll keep on wrappin’.


Ali Baba and 40 Thieves

*I have no words for you if you don’t get this reference and need to click this link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098384/

(Photos of the mess in my study and the progress I’ve made on The Great Wrap of 2011: Some Cozy Night)


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