Quite the Way to Treat a Lady…

January 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

It appears that friends of ours know how to perk up a cold Wednesday afternoon: Macarons! And not just any macarons…Ladurée macarons.

Also known to me as the best one’s made on the earth.

For years I could only get them in Paris, but New York was blessed with a shop late last year. And while they don’t “send out” from the New York store (believe me, I’ve asked since they are uptown and I am not), our friends made it happen by purchasing this lovely box at the store and sending them to us directly. While I’ve always been fond of these gentlemen, I am even more so today.

Merci, guys!



All you need to know, except that the Rose and Lilac ones are not to be missed…


(Photo: Some Cozy Night.)

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