Ladies Night

February 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

This afternoon I received the wonderful news that a friend of mine was about to have her baby. This cheered me immensely and within thirty minutes or so, I noticed that I had been singing Sheena Easton’s “My Baby Takes the Morning Train” since I had heard the news. The song is still playing in my head and my friend’s little boy is now happily on the earth. (Her husband has even had time to post his first pic on Twitter and Facebook. So, this tune has been in here for quite some time.)

I began to fear that I may be celebrating this child’s first birthday before this tune in my head abates, until I remembered that this is not the first time an event produced this situation: Whenever Mr. H and I order take-out (which is not infrequent), as soon as I hear the doorbell ring, Kool & The Gang’s “Ladies Night” begins in my head. I guess there is some node in my brain that has decided that it is the celebratory song for the good times that only take-out can create. Or it is a blood sugar thing. Or I am the Real Life Liz Lemon. Who really knows?

Regardless, it got me thinking: Do we all have little theme songs for the daily and special events in our lives that we aren’t super-aware of until we find ourselves singing them out loud? If we began trying to recognize them, would we go mad? Again, this probably gets filed under “Who Knows?” and “Don’t Go There”, but it is possible that I already have. If you care to share, I am all ears.


(Brushes Painting: Some Cozy Night)

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