Girlhood Dream Fulfilled

February 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Or, I should say that it will be on September 6th of this year. I know that is some time from now, but you have to be on your toes to score yourself some tickets to see Madonna in concert. And after twenty-seven years, I have finally succeeded in doing so.


Yes, I love myself some Madonna. I don’t bust her out when my Cool Music Friends are around (I hide the Kylie, too), but when I feel the need to dance around the house like a total lunatic, spend an extended amount of time on the elliptical machine or just need to Get My Madge On, her music must be played.

Why do I love Madonna, aside from the fact I am required to as a female teen of the Eighties? Well, at their very best, her songs make it impossible to stay still. And they are pretty much a part of the soundtrack of my life. (I actually broke up with a High School boyfriend after listening to “Express Yourself” about a hundred times.) But as an adult, I think it is because I admire her focus, her ambition and the fact that she is still doing what she does — with gusto — even though I am pretty certain that she is well aware of the fact that she “hit her number” some time ago. Did anyone else notice how happy she looked to be performing at the Superbowl?* I sincerely hope I can be that excited about my job after doing it for thirty or so years.

And then there is that body. I actually checked to see if I could do a few cartwheels after seeing Sunday’s performance.** (So far, so good. But slacking on the pilates is no longer an option.) I am sure many feel she is obsessed with being young. But to me it correlates with her desire to be her ever-changing self, regardless of what anyone else expects. Another Development Area for me, so please don’t tell her to stop.


*No, I did not watch the game. I just watched the Halftime Show online afterwards. And I liked it! I LIKED IT!! (Please tell me you have seen “Carrie”.)

**And to be clear, I am not even on the same Fitness Continent that M lives on. But I can do two or three cartwheels in a row. And my shoulders kind of hurt now.

(Photo of my calendar: Some Cozy Night)

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