Another New Year: Losar

February 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

I love that there are so many opportunities to celebrate a New Year. I mean, Mondays don’t always cut it when you want a little Life Reset. So, imagine my delight in finding out, courtesy of my Times’s Digest this morning, that the Tibetan New Year celebrations begin today. Since I have allowed certain Outside Issues to muss up my vacation over the past day or two, I could use a reset. And the happy news that this New Year celebration is decidedly food-focused — including many dough-based delicacies — I am thinking this is an ideal celebration to embrace. Yippie!!


So, back to Losar. Wikipedia says that the last day of the current year is a day of cleaning and preparation (I missed that part), and includes putting up the finest decorations for the celebration. Then the first two days of this 15-day lunar-based holiday are for official ceremonies to make offerings (including a sacrificial cake) and to wish the Dali Lama good luck for the coming year. (He is even given special barley and dough based pills for this.)

From the third day on it is time for everyone to enjoy the rest of the holiday celebrations. This includes, according to Julia Moskin at The New York Times, Tibet’s unofficial dish: aha momos. These are little dumplings filled with meat and spices (a little bit in conflict with Buddhist Vegetarianism, but you can read Julia’s piece on that) that sound just heavenly. And apparently if I were in New York today, I could have some at a place called Tsampa, in the East Village.

Anyway, I fear I am getting too far afield from the Point of the Post, which is that I think that if you have the opportunity to reset and celebrate, you should. (Especially if there is food involved.) So, Tashi Delek and happy reset to you all.


(Photo: Some Cozy Night)

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