Not to Make You Feel Bad, But…

March 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

If there are any holiday greens left in or around your home, I would like to remind you that you should probably take them down. Now. Please??

Spring is starting to show, which makes all those dried out wreaths and weather-beaten bows look especially dreary. So it is time to clear out the old and let nature put on its newest production…

See…there are BUDS on the trees!

And daffodils everywhere. Aren’t they cheery? And to think: More blossoms to come! Yay.

Next up: Transitions from Winter into Spring clothing, knowing full well that in many places, it will still be cold.


(Photos: Some Cozy Night, about five minutes before she fell flat on her face, while in white pants, in front of three New Yorkers who didn’t even ask her if she was ok. No, I am not bitter.)

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