March 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

So, spring is here and I still maintain that almost anything goes when it comes to fashion these days. Aside from the new-ish Deco trend (which is a pretty option for night, but unclear to me for day) and patterned pants, the only thing fashion editors seem to agree on is that you should be wearing a skirt. Great. I have some, so I am good there.

The one thing all of these trends (Deco aside) seem to have in common is that color is still very “important”. I happen to like color, so this is good news for me. It is also good news for my newest pair of sandals:

I wore them constantly on vacation last month and look forward to things warming up so that I can wear them some more. A lot more. I also fell head-over-heals with a super-intense pink silk top with a very pretty scarf detail at the collar, and am feeling the need for a pair of pants with a colorful stripe down the side. But those might burn out fast. We shall see.

In the meantime, for those of us who live in Weather Challenged areas, there is the matter of being sick of wearing winter clothes, with temperatures too low to bust out anything for spring. I think this is where color comes in especially handy: A brightly colored plain woven sweater and a light colored, but heavier weight pant can help get you from “cuddly” to “chipper” in no time. I must also sing the praises of the blue and white striped T to go under said sweater or even a blazer to brighten things up without turning yourself into a human icicle.

For venturing out-of-doors, may I suggest the trench (liner in, if it has one) and a soft, light-colored scarf? Shoes are tough, but maybe just focusing on not wearing anything that looks too Ski Chalet is a step in the right direction.

Stay warm and bright!


(Photo of the sandals I will be wearing all summer long: Some Cozy Night)

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