Cindy Sherman at MoMA

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Just a quickie today: Mr. H and I realized that if we didn’t plan it, we were going to miss the latest Cindy Sherman* show at MoMA. So, we stayed in town and went this morning.

My friends, it was really fantastic. One of the highlights for me was the complete collection of her “Film Still” series from the seventies. It has probably been more than twenty years since I had seen any of them, much less all of them together. And they feel as fresh and relevant today as they must have then — and to me when I first saw the in the early nineties in school. I also loved the “fashion” photos from the eighties (the ones from the nineties didn’t do as much for me) and her work during the last four years depicting well-to-do women of a Certain Age.

Over lunch, Mr. H and I discussed the show (as well as the yummy menu at the Bar Room at The Modern), and agreed that one of the things we liked best was that while obviously “feminist”, Sherman’s work doesn’t seem to be beat you over the head with the problem of women being objectified and stereotyped, but rather points out the plain fact that women are objectified and stereotyped. And through that lens (no pun intended) she sort of probes the results and the ways in which women Get On With It. And although there are many uncomfortable moments, the work is also witty, insightful and visually stimulating. If only I could take a trip to her brain…maybe Google will work on that after their browser glasses. In the meantime, I will just enjoy the parts that she shares with us in her photographs.


* Just in case: and in case you might be able to go:

Little Things

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Lest you fear that Mr. H missed my birthday, it was certainly not forgotten.* And every year one component of the Mrs. H Birthday Celebration includes a flower arrangement containing Sweet Peas…

You may know this, but if you don’t, Sweet Peas (those wing-shaped, pale purple ones in the photo) are April’s birth flower. They also smell heavenly when in season and are oh-so-pretty.

It might seem like a small thing, but for me, keeping a little tradition like that going on for as long as we’ve been together becomes more dear over time. And it isn’t just “gifts” that fall into this category of Little Things. How you split dessert, who always has a hankie on the ready, the special drink you make when the other is sick…they all add up to create a greater sense of structure that I find extremely comforting. So I try my best to appreciate all those Little Things and not write them off as just Day-to-Day Ho-Hum. It doesn’t always work (ok, with flowers it always works), but overall, it makes Life just a little bit better.

So find something Little this weekend to take note of and enjoy!


* I even got food on my new blindingly white blouse at dinner that evening. So, it was a very full birthday for me and my dry cleaner.

(Photos of this year’s Birthday Flowers from Mr. H, by Adore, NYC: Some Cozy Night)

They Get Me

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It isn’t often that you are able to work with people long enough for them to know all about you and dig you just the same. I suppose I am lucky on that front — how else to explain the excellent birthday celebration that my colleagues at work came up with today, that included the following:

Naturally, there was also a few bottles of champagne and cheese doodles to round of the High-Low affair. A most excellent way to kick off another year.


(Photo: Some Cozy Night)

A Quick Way to Feel Better

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Take everything out of your handbag(s?) and run a pet hair removal roller through the lining…

It gets out all the lint and other things that shouldn’t be there, which can make one feel much more on top of things in under five minutes.

Get rolling!


(Photo: Some Cozy Night)

The Upside of Allergy Season

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In spite of recent temperatures dipping into Unacceptably Low territories, there are more signs of spring to be seen…

Forsythia in full bloom by my back fence.

Wild pansies that sort of powder the lawn. (I know some dislike anything but green on their lawns, but I find these to be too charming to ever consider eliminating.)

The azalea tree outside the kitchen window, complete with bumble bee!

But with all these lovely things comes the unlovely me at this time of year: Puffy, teary eyes, stuffy head and the nose of someone who’s been into the Scotch more than a few times that day. Not pretty. Or comfortable for that matter. But I carry on during Allergy Season armed with a number of OTC salves and several reliable “Librarian Chic” outfits for days when I simply cannot get those contact lenses in my eyes.

I also make sure that I am never without a good, old fashioned handkerchief. Aside from being extremely useful this time of year, they are the perfect opportunity to be a little girly on the sly…

My absolute favorites are from D. Porthault, above. I adore their sheets and pillows, but really, I don’t decorate that way. So the hankies are the perfect way to squeeze in some of their insanity without having to coordinate it with anything. And they are super soft and Oh-So-Cheery.*

But you don’t have to go all French and Fancy in order to find lovely handkerchieves. Vintage, my friends. A fabulous way to go, provided you have a “sanitize” setting on your washing machine…

A gift from a friend who knows of my love of these things.

My “something blue” from my wedding day.

And one from my Grandmother’s wardrobe that I love having with me, allergy season or not.

Happy Sniffles!


* Yes, more hearts and a fair amount of clover. I’ve already told you of my love of hearts, so no surprise there. The heart hankies are also perfect for weddings, at which I always cry. And the clover reminds me of my Grandfather, who was a gardener and brought me a flat of them every year when I was little. So yes, I am sentimental, if you haven’t already noodled that one out.

(Photos: Some Cozy Night)

I didn’t forget…

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The city is abuzz today with preparations for Spring, especially since it is both Passover and Easter this weekend.  And this time of year, no matter how mocked and parodied Brooklyn may be, its Springtime Show is especially beautiful. It is almost as if this little part of the city is flirting with you…

I just love the combination of pink cherry blossoms and the acid green leaves of the taller trees. It always reminds me of the NYCB sets of George Ballanchine’s* “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, one of the prettiest ballets you’ll ever see.

A shot of some greenery and our nearby church down the avenue. True, we aren’t really parishioners, but I do love hearing the bells chime during the day — especially at vespers. It reminds me to stop and take a moment.

Our neighbors love all holidays and decorate the tree outside their house for every one you could think of. (Seriously. Every one.) For over ten years, this has been one of my favorite things about our block…these folks have a lot of heart.

Sadly, Mr. H and I aren’t really able to decorate for the season (which usually consists of the appropriate festive flowers) on account of this:

Yes. That facade work from my little post in September is ongoing…

But I am sure it will be done soon. Yup. Very soon. I am sure of it.

In the meantime, I do have one way to celebrate Easter. You see, I recently found myself with a Nephew and this is his first one. So I will be giving him what I hope will be a fun and useful Easter “Basket”:

In addition to an awfully plush bunny (my Grandmother gave me at least one Bunny Themed item in my Easter basket each year), I’ve included a wee beach towel to go along with Nephew’s personalized beach tote for future trips to our place by the beach. And though he may be too little for sweets, he is most certainly old enough for the Mini Orchestra music set that rounds out the trio. And I am not too old to enjoy sticking it to my Little Brother just a bit with the Gift of Noise. 😉

Other plans for my secular celebration of the holiday will probably include a mani-pedi in this very happy shade of pink:

And hopefully someone will have some peeps on hand for my sugary enjoyment. I do love peeps. But only at this time of year. (Other holiday peeps don’t seem right to me.) So far, none have been forthcoming, but there is still one more day…

Enjoy whatever holiday you may be celebrating, including the one called “The Weekend”.


*I really need to do a ballet post. I have no idea why I haven’t, but I will. In the meantime, if you are new to it, anything by Balanchine or Jerome Robbins will be fabulous. Here are some links to get you started:

And I highly recommend Somewhere, a biography of Mr. Robbins and Nureyev: The Life if you find yourself getting hooked. There are many, many others, but these are both riveting.

(Photos: Some Cozy Night)

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