The Upside of Allergy Season

April 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

In spite of recent temperatures dipping into Unacceptably Low territories, there are more signs of spring to be seen…

Forsythia in full bloom by my back fence.

Wild pansies that sort of powder the lawn. (I know some dislike anything but green on their lawns, but I find these to be too charming to ever consider eliminating.)

The azalea tree outside the kitchen window, complete with bumble bee!

But with all these lovely things comes the unlovely me at this time of year: Puffy, teary eyes, stuffy head and the nose of someone who’s been into the Scotch more than a few times that day. Not pretty. Or comfortable for that matter. But I carry on during Allergy Season armed with a number of OTC salves and several reliable “Librarian Chic” outfits for days when I simply cannot get those contact lenses in my eyes.

I also make sure that I am never without a good, old fashioned handkerchief. Aside from being extremely useful this time of year, they are the perfect opportunity to be a little girly on the sly…

My absolute favorites are from D. Porthault, above. I adore their sheets and pillows, but really, I don’t decorate that way. So the hankies are the perfect way to squeeze in some of their insanity without having to coordinate it with anything. And they are super soft and Oh-So-Cheery.*

But you don’t have to go all French and Fancy in order to find lovely handkerchieves. Vintage, my friends. A fabulous way to go, provided you have a “sanitize” setting on your washing machine…

A gift from a friend who knows of my love of these things.

My “something blue” from my wedding day.

And one from my Grandmother’s wardrobe that I love having with me, allergy season or not.

Happy Sniffles!


* Yes, more hearts and a fair amount of clover. I’ve already told you of my love of hearts, so no surprise there. The heart hankies are also perfect for weddings, at which I always cry. And the clover reminds me of my Grandfather, who was a gardener and brought me a flat of them every year when I was little. So yes, I am sentimental, if you haven’t already noodled that one out.

(Photos: Some Cozy Night)

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