Little Things

April 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Lest you fear that Mr. H missed my birthday, it was certainly not forgotten.* And every year one component of the Mrs. H Birthday Celebration includes a flower arrangement containing Sweet Peas…

You may know this, but if you don’t, Sweet Peas (those wing-shaped, pale purple ones in the photo) are April’s birth flower. They also smell heavenly when in season and are oh-so-pretty.

It might seem like a small thing, but for me, keeping a little tradition like that going on for as long as we’ve been together becomes more dear over time. And it isn’t just “gifts” that fall into this category of Little Things. How you split dessert, who always has a hankie on the ready, the special drink you make when the other is sick…they all add up to create a greater sense of structure that I find extremely comforting. So I try my best to appreciate all those Little Things and not write them off as just Day-to-Day Ho-Hum. It doesn’t always work (ok, with flowers it always works), but overall, it makes Life just a little bit better.

So find something Little this weekend to take note of and enjoy!


* I even got food on my new blindingly white blouse at dinner that evening. So, it was a very full birthday for me and my dry cleaner.

(Photos of this year’s Birthday Flowers from Mr. H, by Adore, NYC: Some Cozy Night)

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