Cindy Sherman at MoMA

April 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Just a quickie today: Mr. H and I realized that if we didn’t plan it, we were going to miss the latest Cindy Sherman* show at MoMA. So, we stayed in town and went this morning.

My friends, it was really fantastic. One of the highlights for me was the complete collection of her “Film Still” series from the seventies. It has probably been more than twenty years since I had seen any of them, much less all of them together. And they feel as fresh and relevant today as they must have then — and to me when I first saw the in the early nineties in school. I also loved the “fashion” photos from the eighties (the ones from the nineties didn’t do as much for me) and her work during the last four years depicting well-to-do women of a Certain Age.

Over lunch, Mr. H and I discussed the show (as well as the yummy menu at the Bar Room at The Modern), and agreed that one of the things we liked best was that while obviously “feminist”, Sherman’s work doesn’t seem to be beat you over the head with the problem of women being objectified and stereotyped, but rather points out the plain fact that women are objectified and stereotyped. And through that lens (no pun intended) she sort of probes the results and the ways in which women Get On With It. And although there are many uncomfortable moments, the work is also witty, insightful and visually stimulating. If only I could take a trip to her brain…maybe Google will work on that after their browser glasses. In the meantime, I will just enjoy the parts that she shares with us in her photographs.


* Just in case: and in case you might be able to go:

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