Beware of Dogs Who Beg…

May 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Especially those who plead to go outside for a nice, long Memorial Day Walk. Case in point:


They swore they wanted a full country walk — not a town walk — with little bursts of jogging in between. They told us they it would make them both oh-so-happy. Then, somewhere around the last quarter of The Walk, attitudes changed: Increased, pointless sniffing, the classic “Terrier Stop” and finally, the decision that any old slice of grass by a potato field would be where the walk would end. 

After a few of these episodes, our spent companions made the final leg home. O-Dog took to a sofa and A-Dog to an a/c grate.

Lesson Learned: Never trust a Terrier. Just love them. 




(Photo: Some Cozy Night)





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