Have I Mentioned?

June 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

OK, I should be working right now, but it is so nice outside and I am having a seriously hard time concentrating. So, I thought I would just put a few things out there that I’ve been into lately, in no specific order…

1) Mr. H’s TEC Grill

Apparently there is some kind of infra-red something or other that makes it excellent. And it is. Heats up in 15 minutes — eliminating those “are we ready??” conversations — and grills to perfection.

2) Magic Hour, by the Scissor Sisters

Oh, my fabulous Sisters are back with a new record and it is fun! I needed something new for good times on the elliptical machine and tag, this is it. Available on iTunes at at http://www.scissorsisters.com/. (And how cute is Jake Shears?? Love him.)

3) Visions, by Grimes

I am probably too old to be recommending this record, as I began college the year after she was born, but Claire Boucher’s first studio record is rather cool. Perfect for listening to while finishing a nice glass of wine. (And I think she is old enough to have one.)

Available on iTunes and probably places where the cool kids get music.

4) The Gap’s Athletic Socks

Seriously, these are excellent and fit my teeny feet! No kid size required. Buy online — only ten bucks for a three-pack!


5) Girl of a Certain Age

This blog is by the former Editor in Chief of Lucky magazine, Kim France. And while I was never a Lucky reader (I am too old), I do enjoy this blog. I met Ms. France just once very briefly at a party some years ago, but I like to think that I am getting to know her by reading her posts. And let’s face it: she is a professional editor — so the content is good!


6) My 2012 Potted Herb Selection

I do it every year, but it is such a treat to be back in business again. This year’s newbie: strawberry plants. Not sure how they will work out, but I thought it was worth a shot.

Happy Procrastinating!


(Photos: Some Cozy Night)

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