Deep Thoughts While Trying to Fall Asleep

June 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

OK, I have been up since 6 in the morning and I can’t quite make it off to dreamland. Perhaps that is because of the great questions and concerns I have about the world today. I am going to put a pin in the Real World Issues about which I feel helpless and focus on some of the things that are of note and concern in fashion. Here we go:

1) When did all t-shirts become see-through? I have actually had to relax some rules here and wear ones that are printed so that you can’t see too much of what is going on underneath.

2) Why do nearly all beach coverups look like they were inspired by Imogene Coca as Jan’s grown-up doppelgänger in The Brady Bunch? (Even though she was fantastic, it isn’t a look I want at the beach or poolside.)

3) Are flares coming back? (I think the answer is “yes”, as Ms. Moss has been spotted in them recently. Same goes for mules, I fear. This has become a daily joke at my office with a concerned party who is on top of these things.)

4) Will Rick Owens make something other than that cool, but too-copied leather jacket that isn’t (1)Totally sheer and (2) Designed for a six-foot tall woman?

5) Why is everything from THE ROW so expensive? And why do I want their things, even when the t-shirts are — that’s right — see-through?

6) Can’t we stop with the “color blocking” now?

7) Should I have purchased those leopard print, velvet Manolos since they were on sale and in my size? I didn’t, but, you know, it was a big decision to refrain.

Yup. That is The Frivolous Me. Tomorrow I’ll be heavy, and probably tired.

Sweet dreams.


(Photo of one of my “I am just going to wear it anyway” T-shirts: Some Cozy Night. For the record, those are trees that you can see in the background.)

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