June 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

You know me by now: I get just as excited about finding a new painting that knocks my socks off as I do about a really fresh Oreo. So, it should come as no surprise to you that last week, Mr. H and I made plans to see the Paris Opera Ballet perform Giselle while they are in town this summer, and also went to the County Fair to go try a ride or two and then eat fried dough. (Yes, yes….we went to the gym that day. Really!)

Not much to say about the Paris Opera Ballet just yet, as we haven’t seen them perform before. But I am looking forward to it. And Giselle is one of those classics where the premise kind of cracks me up: Gisele’s mother warns her not to fall in love because she is fragile. But Giselle falls in love with Count Albrecht of Silesia anyway. And then she dies.* There is more, but I won’t spoil it for you.

Now, about that Fair. It was the perfect night to go: Slightly warm with a cool breeze and a very silvery moon. But that lovely moon was a bit overshadowed by the fantastic lights of the fair, and this scary thing:

It was one of those contraptions where they seat you in a line as if you were at the theater, strap you in and start spinning you around until you feel quite unwell. Since that sounds like just about every day of my life, I had no interest in that one. But I most certainly did have a great interest in the Grand Dame of the affair…the Ferris Wheel:

Did you know that for all the years Mr. H and I have been an Item, we have never been on one together? This needed to be rectified right away. And up we went…

It was excellent. And silly romantic. Thank goodness my heart was not like Giselle’s, as I would have missed the view from the top, which was kind of giddy-inducing.

It also gave me an opportunity to scope out our Fried Dough Options…

When we had safely landed, I thought that maybe the Swings (see the top photo) could be fun and we got on line. What can I say about this ride? Well, I couldn’t stop laughing because it was completely out of control and totally fun. Also, I was dizzy, pale and a little upset in the tummy region when we got off. But I was still glad we did it.

Naturally, Fried Dough is the perfect salve for Swings Tummy. But even I draw the line at the funnel cake with fried Oreo. So we selected the classic Zepole. I didn’t feel good about myself later, but I enjoyed mine while it was going down.

We tooled around a bit more, trying hard not to win anything that we would then have to bring home, and took in all the kids, teens and other adults having the best time at this crazy thing. And when we left, we were both unable to stop saying “That was FUN!” until sometime after breakfast the next morning.


* And therefore, as an Italian American, I have a really hard time believing that this ballet is French. This plot point is just so, well, Italian.

(Photos: Mr. H, who is a way better photographer that me.)

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