Have I Mentioned?? (Pet Edition)

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Not sure if I have mentioned this, but A+O have been with me at the office almost every day since the beginning of June. While fun in the beginning, after several days, seeing those two conked out in various poses can start to get a little annoying…

Especially when they position themselves right under me, so that I get the full view of their relaxed state while I am toiling away just a few feet above them. But that is really the least of my concerns with this new situation.

Our new “closeness” has also made it extremely important to stay on top of that “Not So Fresh” scent that comes from having two of these creatures around. Much to their dismay, they are on a bi-weekly bath rotation. And after all my years as a pet owner, I declare this to be the best shampoo currently on the market:

Yes, then name and packaging is screaming “adorable…buy me!!”, but honestly, this stuff works. It has a mint-mixed-with-rosemary fragrance that isn’t too powerful and super-soft suds that make the job of bathing someone who would rather not be bathed a little less horrid.

On “off” weeks, nothing tames pet odors coming off said pet the way a good brushing and a wipe down with these babies does:

I have tried other wipes with cuter packaging and those that promise a more “organic” experience, but honestly, they just cover up what lurks under the fur. The Nature’s Miracle Wipes appear to actually remove the offending whatevers that are causing it. And anyone who knows their way around a pet situation will probably have a gallon or two of their household cleaning product as well. (I keep containers of it all over the house for those “oopsy” moments.)

I also highly recommend those microfiber towels for the quick drying of your furry ones, and trying to surprise them with a bath so that they don’t run and hide.

And that’s all I’ve got for making the insanity of pet ownership a little less insane.

Happy weekend!


(Photos: Some Cozy Night.)


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So, I am back from a little trip to Southern California for a proper get together with some of my good friends. You probably already know this, but concentrated time with your Besties is very important on the Life Worth Living Front, and I am so glad that we are all able to make it happen on a semi-regular basis, especially when breakfast overlooked this view…

In addition to having a lovely time just hanging out and catching up on the Important Issues of Our Times (managing your triceps, avoiding bad feet later in life, whether or not Ballet Slippers has been reformulated…), I could not help but notice that the spa grounds were covered in marigolds. Not a flower I typically enjoy, but in such concentrated amounts, with dashes of brilliant purple, I was kind of digging them…

This was a reflexology path, which none of us walked on since it looked kind of hot and burned feet were not going to help us relax.

And one closeup of the combo. Not sure if it does it justice, but trust me, it was cool.

Marni Girl that I am, I was also thinking that maybe this is a color combo I can try as summer reaches its peak and rounds into early fall. (Mrs. Roper gave Color a bad name, I fear.) I think carefully planned, this may look kind of fantastic. Full report to come. Until then, mix it up a bit…no better time than the present.


(Photos: Some Cozy Night)

I Love L.A.

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I do. No doubt it is primarily on account of the fact that I have some very dear friends who live there. But that I could have breakfast here this morning and not die of heat stroke also adds a little something:


And maybe the other reason is just because it is so very unlike New York, and I enjoy a change once in a while. Not a bad thing.


Moses Supposes

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Did you know that “Singing in the Rain” is now 60?? Aside from it being fantastically uplifting, stylish and fun, after seeing it for the first time as an adult, it put me on the hunt for a very specific look for the curtains in a bedroom at the beach. Sure, sourcing such curtains was a little bit of an odyssey, but inspiration can come from anywhere. And you should run with it when you can. And in the meantime, do catch this classic — I think you will be glad that you did.


New Life for What is Spent

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So, you guessed it: I am still at the beach. Fielding work and home crises, naturally.* But I have been able to fall into several wonderful Beach Comas, determined that no shelter magazine from the last five years contains My New Kitchen (for another post) and also puttered around the garden a bit.

Yesterday’s haul was quite pleasing…

Even O-Dog approved:

And yet, there was the issue of the lavender plants. A week ago, they were in fine form:

I keep them by the back door to the house so that when you brush by them, you get that delicious fragrance. Which also works in smaller doses in the guest bath, for instance…

But as of yesterday, they were spent, and if there was any chance of getting more blooms, I had to do the deed: deadhead the suckers. Like a hard prune (which I performed on my tomato plants earlier in the week), this is one of gardening’s most uncomfortable endeavors. But, it must be done, and so I did it. This left me with a significant position of lavender blooms that I just could not toss. So, I began harvesting, which is probably considered a sign of insanity in the DSM.

“How long could this take??” I cheerfully thought to myself as I began the process. For the record, it took as long as it took Mr. H to get through the first half of his seven hour BBQ Pulled Beef (which is insanely delicious, but off topic, I know). Still, I let the perfume soothe my slightly achey head and kept going until the above pot was full.

And there was still more.

So I decided that these little science lab measuring cups would be perfect for tiny bedside whiffs of lavender. (They are also good for a chic way to dispense vitamins. Also off topic.)

And there was still more. So I found a jam jar and put the rest in there for later use.

I wish I could tell you that my house smells like Provence, but it smells more like BBQ sauce (homemade!) and sunscreen. Still, I was glad to have had the time to do it, and who knows, maybe my weekend houseguest will have sweeter dreams on account of my of efforts.


*Was that water leaking from the office above ours onto a few desks? YES, is was, making this our second flood in about six weeks, but whatever. Thanks to my able team that I didn’t need to come back to the city to manage it.

(Photos: Some Cozy Night.)

It Does Not Take a Lot of time to Have a Little Yum

July 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Just a quickie for a little inspiration.

My herb and tomato plants are doing nicely, and Mr. H sent me this photo of some of our yield from earlier today:

Pictured here is some delicious yellow grape and brown cherry tomatoes, basil (we have TONS of basil…pesto soon), mint and marjoram.* I like to combine these things with a little cheese on some multigrain toast for breakfast or a snack. Yum!

Enjoy the 4th!


*Please note that marjoram is lovely with all kinds of other herbs, so mix it up. And is smells heavenly, so don’t be afraid to put some in a bud vase.

(Photo: Mr. H for Some Cozy Night. And the salt is Maldon…Gwennie isn’t a dope all the time.)

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