New Life for What is Spent

July 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

So, you guessed it: I am still at the beach. Fielding work and home crises, naturally.* But I have been able to fall into several wonderful Beach Comas, determined that no shelter magazine from the last five years contains My New Kitchen (for another post) and also puttered around the garden a bit.

Yesterday’s haul was quite pleasing…

Even O-Dog approved:

And yet, there was the issue of the lavender plants. A week ago, they were in fine form:

I keep them by the back door to the house so that when you brush by them, you get that delicious fragrance. Which also works in smaller doses in the guest bath, for instance…

But as of yesterday, they were spent, and if there was any chance of getting more blooms, I had to do the deed: deadhead the suckers. Like a hard prune (which I performed on my tomato plants earlier in the week), this is one of gardening’s most uncomfortable endeavors. But, it must be done, and so I did it. This left me with a significant position of lavender blooms that I just could not toss. So, I began harvesting, which is probably considered a sign of insanity in the DSM.

“How long could this take??” I cheerfully thought to myself as I began the process. For the record, it took as long as it took Mr. H to get through the first half of his seven hour BBQ Pulled Beef (which is insanely delicious, but off topic, I know). Still, I let the perfume soothe my slightly achey head and kept going until the above pot was full.

And there was still more.

So I decided that these little science lab measuring cups would be perfect for tiny bedside whiffs of lavender. (They are also good for a chic way to dispense vitamins. Also off topic.)

And there was still more. So I found a jam jar and put the rest in there for later use.

I wish I could tell you that my house smells like Provence, but it smells more like BBQ sauce (homemade!) and sunscreen. Still, I was glad to have had the time to do it, and who knows, maybe my weekend houseguest will have sweeter dreams on account of my of efforts.


*Was that water leaking from the office above ours onto a few desks? YES, is was, making this our second flood in about six weeks, but whatever. Thanks to my able team that I didn’t need to come back to the city to manage it.

(Photos: Some Cozy Night.)

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