July 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

So, I am back from a little trip to Southern California for a proper get together with some of my good friends. You probably already know this, but concentrated time with your Besties is very important on the Life Worth Living Front, and I am so glad that we are all able to make it happen on a semi-regular basis, especially when breakfast overlooked this view…

In addition to having a lovely time just hanging out and catching up on the Important Issues of Our Times (managing your triceps, avoiding bad feet later in life, whether or not Ballet Slippers has been reformulated…), I could not help but notice that the spa grounds were covered in marigolds. Not a flower I typically enjoy, but in such concentrated amounts, with dashes of brilliant purple, I was kind of digging them…

This was a reflexology path, which none of us walked on since it looked kind of hot and burned feet were not going to help us relax.

And one closeup of the combo. Not sure if it does it justice, but trust me, it was cool.

Marni Girl that I am, I was also thinking that maybe this is a color combo I can try as summer reaches its peak and rounds into early fall. (Mrs. Roper gave Color a bad name, I fear.) I think carefully planned, this may look kind of fantastic. Full report to come. Until then, mix it up a bit…no better time than the present.


(Photos: Some Cozy Night)

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