Have I Mentioned?? (Pet Edition)

July 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Not sure if I have mentioned this, but A+O have been with me at the office almost every day since the beginning of June. While fun in the beginning, after several days, seeing those two conked out in various poses can start to get a little annoying…

Especially when they position themselves right under me, so that I get the full view of their relaxed state while I am toiling away just a few feet above them. But that is really the least of my concerns with this new situation.

Our new “closeness” has also made it extremely important to stay on top of that “Not So Fresh” scent that comes from having two of these creatures around. Much to their dismay, they are on a bi-weekly bath rotation. And after all my years as a pet owner, I declare this to be the best shampoo currently on the market:

Yes, then name and packaging is screaming “adorable…buy me!!”, but honestly, this stuff works. It has a mint-mixed-with-rosemary fragrance that isn’t too powerful and super-soft suds that make the job of bathing someone who would rather not be bathed a little less horrid.

On “off” weeks, nothing tames pet odors coming off said pet the way a good brushing and a wipe down with these babies does:

I have tried other wipes with cuter packaging and those that promise a more “organic” experience, but honestly, they just cover up what lurks under the fur. The Nature’s Miracle Wipes appear to actually remove the offending whatevers that are causing it. And anyone who knows their way around a pet situation will probably have a gallon or two of their household cleaning product as well. (I keep containers of it all over the house for those “oopsy” moments.)

I also highly recommend those microfiber towels for the quick drying of your furry ones, and trying to surprise them with a bath so that they don’t run and hide.

And that’s all I’ve got for making the insanity of pet ownership a little less insane.

Happy weekend!


(Photos: Some Cozy Night.)

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