Car Shorts

August 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

I love how some of the fabulous women I know manage to pull off shorts — especially at the office. But I almost never partake since I lack Leg Confidence (with good cause). That said, the world has been making some awfully adorable shorts of late and a particular pair by one of my favorite lines, A.P.C., got really stuck in my head this season. Then it hit me: What if I purchased said shorts, but wore them more as a part of my (newly created) Car Outfit on summer drives out to the beach?

And a new concept outfit was born:

Now, it may seem silly to designate an outfit solely for a weekly car trip, but it has its benefits:

1) Work Clothes Stay at the Office, where they are not subjected to the abuse of a long drive that may or may not include food, dog contact, and who knows what else. Also, when we leave at night, I’ve probably been in those work clothes for fifteen hours, so a break would be nice.

2) No Clothing Migration, which, in spite of my efforts, seems to happen a lot. That dress I wanted to wear to a meeting last Tuesday? Yeah, it was over 100 miles away because I forgot to pack it. Eliminating this little bit of irritation from my life through a cute pair of shorts seems totally logical to me.

3) I Can Be Comfortable, but Presentable, because let’s face it, we get pulled over from time to time, frequently need gas, and well, you know, you never know when you will need to get out of the car. So why not make sure you aren’t going to embarrass yourself should the need arise?

And truthfully, those shorts were on mega-sale and are ridiculously cute!

I rest my case — and make note of that fact that I will need the winter equivalent soon enough. More on that later.


(Photo: Some Cozy Night)

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