Julia at One Hundred

August 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ok, I am a little late in the day with this post, but Julia Child would have been 100 years old today. Aside from transforming the way America cooked and ate, I adore her for the following reasons:

She began cooking at around age 40
For any of us who ever think it is too late to embark on a whole new adventure*, here is a shining example of why it isn’t.

Perfect Wasn’t the Point
In these times where we strive for perfect homes, perfect bodies, and perfectly prepared and plated food, it is strangely refreshing to see Ms. Child famously pick a chicken up off the floor and “serve it forth”. (Harold McGee be damned.)

She and Paul Child Had a Thing Goin’ On
I love their love story. I love that he built her a kitchen. (I also love that Mr. H took me to see it as part of a birthday gift some years ago.) And I love that they made Valentines every year.

She Kept Going
On her 90th Birthday, I saw an interview with her on Charlie Rose. By that time, she was living in Santa Barbara in a retirement community, but she was completely up on all things in the food world, had plenty of opinions and still had little use for the microwave.

How lucky we were to have her! Perhaps I’ll make something from Mastering the Art tonight.

Bon Appetit!


*Not to mention the whole OSS thing…really…what a life!

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