Are We Done Yet?

September 14, 2012 § 2 Comments

OK. This might be more of a rant than anything else, but here are a I few things I would like to have disappear:

“Street Style” photos, blogs and editorials.

Can’t we all just go outside and see things for ourselves? Style is everywhere, not just New York, Paris and a few other cities.


OK, I like FB for the ways that it allows me to keep up with friends that don’t live near me, but doesn’t it sometimes feel like people are very busy posting their lives rather than being present in them? Since this is a Development Area for me already, I am currently on a break from good old Facebook.

Personalities Who Don’t Do Anything but Get Coverage Anyway

So perhaps I watch those Kardashian shows while doing cardio (I find Lamar charming), but I still feel as if there are too many “celebrities” announcing their every life event to every media outlet, no matter how bland. And I do not know who they are and I am not sure that they do anything besides making these announcements. Also, whatever happened to a good, old-fashioned MAJOR, JAW DROPPING SCANDAL?? Woody and Soon-Yi? Brand-Angie-Jen? I’d even say the Tom and Nicole Kidman Breakup was a real shocker. We need more of that and less of “So-and-So Opens Up About Her Fight Against Lactose Intolerance”.

Brooklyn Boosterism

I love living in Brooklyn and I am sick to death of hearing about “how great it is”. It is cool, quiet and can be ridiculously pretty. The food scene is fantastic. (But more places should take reservations.) And coming from a former West Village Girl, I feel confident in saying that a lot of it is far more authentic than what is going on in Manhattan these days. So why can’t Brooklyn get over its “You Like Me…You Really, Really Like Me!” Complex? Confidence, my dear borough. You are excellent. Believe me and just get over it.

Cathy Horn Writing Nasty Things about Designers She Does Not Like

I know, Cathy. You think Narciso and Lazaro and Jack are amazing designers. And they all are. But so is Oscar de la Renta and seriously, calling him a “hot dog” yesterday was really lame. Perhaps you don’t appreciate his work because it isn’t “cool” and the brand’s connotations make you uncomfortable. But honestly, his clothes are beautiful, well made and wearable — even if you aren’t in the market for a few ball gowns each season. We can agree to disagree on matters of taste, but must you slam the designer (and the others you don’t have some personal affection for) every season? That isn’t being a critic…that is just being mean.


Whew. I feel much better now.

Happy weekend.


(Photo of A-Dog after he was “done” destroying a dog bed: Some Cozy Night. And no, it doesn’t really go with the post. But is does crack me up.)

§ 2 Responses to Are We Done Yet?

  • I couldn’t agree more about scandals. They just don’t make ’em like they used to. Maybe reality TV is to blame. A scandal used to be a thrilling little peek into the “true self” of an actor or politician, a slipping of the mask. If all you’ve got to offer is bad behavior, it’s just monotonous.

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