Halloween, For Real

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I woke up super late and it took me a while to remember that today is, in fact, Halloween. A holiday that I adored as a kid, but have since almost forgotten about, even though NYC takes it very seriously. And one of my favorite new places to eat in the neighborhood, Woodland, is on board:

Now, the pumpkins were all out pre-Sandy, but let’s hope they survived. As for Woodland itself, in addition to all the delicious things on the menu — house made pates, killer cocktails and everything in between — they put bitters in the butter which takes already off-the-charts butter and turns it into something kind of beyond. Seriously, one can almost forget that Franny’s is less than a block away…

Woodland is at 242 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn · (718) 398-7700.

Happy Halloween and don’t eat too much candy!


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Sandy, Baby

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Well, this has been an interesting couple of days. We are fortunate to have power at the house*, but the entire city is pretty much on hold. No subways, no buses and we’re not supposed to be driving. Sooo…this pretty much leaves you with doing whatever work you can, online shopping and eating.

I was prepared:

Yet another place that got Gooped recently, BKLYN Larder, was my go-to for the fun stuff. That said, it was not fun being there on Sunday, as everyone else seemed to be there, too. (And to the lady who kept hitting me with her straw bag: let’s hope we are never on line together again.) I did get out eventually, though, and got home just in time to set out candles and matches in every room, strategically place flashlights, fill up tubs and other sources of water, change all the flowers in the house** and then fidget until the storm hit.

Not fun, but again, we were lucky. And I have to say, I think the city was rather well-prepared. So, kudos to Mr. Bloomberg and here is hoping that our lovely city — any everywhere else that was on Sandy’s path — gets back to normal quickly.


* None at the beach or office, but how important is work and everything I have been cooking and freezing all summer?

** Yes, I arranged flowers as storm prep. Why? Because I knew we were going to be house-bound for a while and sad, almost dead flowers would not make things any better.

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Everyday, Not Basic

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As you know, I am a great lover of fashion with a capital “F”, and indulge in it far too regularly. But I often feel as if attention is paid most closely to Ready-to-Wear and Fast Fashion, and very little in between. But there are so many In Between options that are just fantastic: great style, beautiful details and good quality. Here are some of my favorites:

Nili Lotan’s store in East Hampton makes you want your entire wardrobe to consist of about ten things. It seems as if there is nothing in her small collections that can’t take you through your day and into the evening without being comfortable and stylish. (Unless, of course, you must wear a suit…Nili can’t exactly help you there.) Fantastic sweaters, cozy coats, simple but beautifully cut dresses and a well-edited selection of cotton shirts and pants. Did I mention the scarves? Terrific. (www.nililotan.com)

Vanessa Bruno’s ATHÉ line is filled with more comfortable yet cool pieces. My latest love: a poncho-styled sweater that has all the best parts of the poncho (like adorableness and a new look) and none of the bad (arm use, anyone?). And it must be said, her signature line is one of my top picks for easy summer dresses and other items of wearable coolness. (www.vanessabruno.com)

Well, I hadn’t darkened the door of Joseph since sometime in the nineties. And after a recent trip, I have to ask myself “WHY???”. The pants are well cut and won’t make you feel like you are wearing something “for the office”, even though you can totally wear them there. (And they often have coordinating jackets should you need them.) I think I may have purchased the sexiest pants I currently own there the other day. They don’t look like much on the hanger, but HELLO! when on! Love. (www.joseph.co.uk)

I will admit that there was a time when I thought Phillip Lim was not a contender, but those days are long gone. After five or so years, he has truly figured out his own direction that frequently creates Desire in my heart, without that nagging feeling of “when am I going to wear this” in my head. Super pants, lovely dresses and smart sweaters, including another great “hybrid poncho” in black and a super cool heather cream sweater with a chiffon overlay on the front (above) that mixes Sporty with Special perfectly. (www.31philliplim.com)

Who doesn’t want to look effortlessly beach-y, even in the colder months? I got hooked on James Perse through the t-shirts that are wonderfully soft and last a good, long time. (Yes, J. Crew, I am looking at you — and The Gap, too.) Everything on offer tends to be in those fantastic non-color colors that make putting together casual outfits pretty mindless. And you can pop a more tailored blazer over any of their t-shirts and drawstring pants and somehow look all CBK* without even really trying. (www.jamesperse.com)

So, I know Gwyneth Paltrow is Gooping Chinti & Parker up a storm lately. But I want to go on the record as saying I loved them first. I am presently deeply in love with their hoodies, and never don’t want to wear their other cashmere knits and cotton pants. (Which, btw, they could make more of…just thinking out loud.) The kind of clothes you can run an errand in and be all “don’t I look cool and comfy” while waiting on an endless line. (www.chintiandparker.com)

Before there were hipsters, there were Cool French People. And may CFP’s always be with us, since it will require that A.P.C. never goes out of business. In that mysterious French way, they make clothes that are alluring, hip and above all, wearable. There isn’t a season that goes by that I don’t pick up an item of two from their beautifully authentic collections. And did I mention that the stuff lasts forever? It does. (http://usonline.apc.fr/colorama/women)

And I think that is all I have for now. Happy shopping!


*CBK: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. I know I have mentioned her before, but really, even all this time later, her style was solid. And I am sorry that we didn’t get to see what was next for her.

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Did you know that October is national Adopt-a-Dog Month? I did not until just a few minutes ago, and wanted to share my own adoption story with you:

This is a photo of our Magnificent M, our first Cairn and the first dog I adopted from a shelter. He had been returned twice for having a less than stellar temperament, but when we met, I got the feeling that we were going to get along just fine. It wasn’t even really a decision on my part — his whole attitude seemed to be “let’s get out of here…we’ve got better things to do”.

And we did.

M was a part of our family for over 13 years and I wish I had another 13 with him. He most certainly had his issues, but I kept him safe and happy and he returned the favor with unfailing love and general Dog-ness, which is a pretty wonderful thing.

So what can I say that I haven’t said before? Adopt and change a few lives for the better.


(Photo: Mr. H)

Tea Time

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Before I forget, you must know about this tea: Yogi Mayan Cocoa Spice.

Unlike the super-sweet licorice teas, which can sometimes be too much, this one has a well-balanced sweet, spicy, cocoa flavor that is almost like eating a light dessert. Perfect for when you want a cookie, but really shouldn’t have one.



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Am I Really Wearing These??

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I know you have seen what I have seen: brogues and other lace up flats here, there and everywhere. I blame the trend on certain girls in L.A. and Brooklyn, and was initially opposed to the whole idea. Between my white capazios in the eighties and my thick-soled black shoes in the nineties (worn with black tights, cut-off denim shorts and a navy blazer — I swear it was cute!!!), I thought those days were long behind me.

And then I saw these:

Yes, they look like men’s shoes at that angle, but I assure you that they truly freshen up my go-to Pants and Some Kind of Top look. They are also super comfy, warm and will do well in the rain on account of the patent leather. AND, so far, they seem to be getting the Thumbs Up from people that I trust. So, rather than teetering and tottering this winter, I plan to stay closer to the ground and see where that gets me.


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Not That Anyone Asked…

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But this is the best “Loo”* cleanser I’ve come across:

I know. I know. WHY did I feel compelled to share this?? Because it is effective and smells quite nice and, you know, cleaning is a part of life.

More fun post next time.


Wondering about the origins? Here you go, from the Always Interesting Jason Kottke: http://www.kottke.org/05/02/loo-etymology

Lady Who Lunches

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I was recently looking at my customized Seamless* homepage trying to decide which recent order I was going to reorder for lunch. As I scrolled down, I was kind of shocked to see that I use them almost every day. While it is a great service, I couldn’t help but put together that fact that ordering from them that frequently means that I almost never leave my office once I arrive there. I live in one of the greatest cities on earth and I spend most of my days in my (nicely appointed, but still) office. Dislike!

I also noticed that there are many nights when I have plans with girlfriends and find myself a little less than peppy at the set meeting time. While I am not a chronic canceler, I was curious to see if maybe I could make my day more chipper and be better company if I did something that I never thought I’d “do”: Lunch.

I started out with a friend who lives right around the block from my office. In all the years that I have known her, and all the years that she has lived up the block from my office, we have never met for lunch. So a few weeks ago, we went to nearby Lupa and had a lovely, lovely time. While it took more than the fifteen minutes it usually takes me to scarf down some weird vegan thing at my desk, I came back feeling so happy and refreshed that I actually think I may have been more productive overall.

The following week, I randomly called another girlfriend to see if she was free for a quick lunch. The stars aligned and we met at our usual nighttime hangout, Cafe Cluny**. Another fun meeting that didn’t blow my schedule out of the water and left me peppier in the afternoon.

Today, I took this morning’s copy of The Financial Times to lunch with me at Mercer Kitchen. Turns out that lunch with a newspaper leaves a little extra time for a bit of shopping and so I now have a new favorite lipstick to boot! And once again, I found myself able to hammer through some things with my General Counsel that I would never be up for in the latter half of the day.

Are you seeing a trend here? I certainly am.

I think it gets back to that fact that it really does not take a lot of time to have a little fun. And injecting some fun into the workweek is — if you can get past the guilt — a great way to keep yourself from getting The Blahs. So, until further notice, I consider myself not only a Lady Who Works, but also one that Lunches. (Except that I actually eat.) I suggest you try same.


*Seamless (seamless.com) is an online food delivery service that allows you to order from about a zillion places. So, in theory, you never have to leave your desk for lunch. Decide for yourself whether this is a good or bad thing.

**Great for making sure you are inexplicably dining next to a Vogue staffer. This actually keeps you from eating too much of their delicious cavatelli, to which I am thoroughly addicted.

(Photo: Some Cozy Night. And The Crosby is also great for lunch…and drinks…and dinner. So cute!)

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