Out with the Old, Except

December 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

It is one of our last nights before a new year and before we must going back to the city and to work. The end of the year or a vacation always puts me in mind of “What’s Next?”. What is next at work? What’s on the social calendar? What new things will I learn? What things do I never want to think of again? And what things do I want to stay just as they are?

I think I’ve covered enough of most of these topics, except one thing I hope always stays the same: A-dog’s love of television. Since he was a puppy, this canine has intently watched everything from reruns of The West Wing to every episode of Breaking Bad. He also loves movies, including Malcolm X. (I am not joking. He was really into that one, making two Spike Lee fans in the house.)

At any rate, tonight his attention was a tad torn, since A-dog also loves watching the fire. So he was sort of watching it while watching The Hour* with careful body positioning. Got to love a dog who manages to make it all work, even when he is pulled in different directions. Perhaps that will be one of my New Things to Try in 2013.

Happy New Year!


* Have you been watching The Hour? It is on the BBC and it is pretty good. Less dramatic than Mad Men, and also less beautifully directed, but still a good one.

(Photo: Some Cozy Night)

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