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Today was one of those days when the weather is just too good to stay indoors, even if you need to borrow your husband’s scarf to be completely warm. So, Mr. H and I walked the Highline and spied some very good signs that Real Spring is almost here…



Small blossoms and other signs of life were everywhere. Alas, it wasn’t quite enough to make it feel as if winter were completely banished. So, we stopped a nearby florist to pick up some blooms to tide is over.


I am fairly certain that I’ve made no bones about how horrid the weather has been of late. But today felt like a sign that we’ll be snipping our own buds in no time. In the meantime, we’ll take these teaser days whenever we can. I hope you can do the same.


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Random Post Past Midnight

March 29, 2013 § 1 Comment

Just back from a lovely dinner party with a group of people that I didn’t really know before this evening and had just the best time. This was preceded by a meeting with someone that I’ve known for a long time but finally got to know better today and was so happy to find that she was as cool and easy to talk to than I could have ever anticipated. And on top of that, I could not help but notice what a great team we have at work — they are all so committed and interested in making it right. AND fun to be with. Tonight, I feel lucky.

So, my point? Well, one’s life can be measured in so many “accepted” ways that you wind up feeling as if you haven’t done it quite right. But then there are moments — and even entire days — when you are left with the genuine feeling that there was no other way than the path you picked. In the midst of the Supreme Court hearings of the last two days, the LEAN IN hoo-ha and all the other things in our culture that seem to be designed to draw a line between you and what is “acceptable”, a day like today reminds me that making your own happiness is really all that matters. So, I guess that is my point: Make your own happiness and do what feels right to you. It really is all that matters, even if it doesn’t feel like it most of the time.


Spring Lineup: Maintenance Edition

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As we all know, it is technically spring. I know this not because of the weather — it snowed again this morning — but because Mr. H and I were invited to a Yankees game next week. Upon accepting this excellent invitation, I realized that I need to get up to speed on their roster this year. And this reminded me that it might be a good time to share the newest additions to my lineup this season:


Butter’s “Pink Ribbon” nail polish. Truth be told, I am finding many of my go-to brands of polish to have less shine and longevity of late. (I do not know why.) I’d read nice things about the Butter line, so when I found a shade that didn’t emulate the Pez palette, I gave it a whirl. Excellent coverage, quick-ish dry time and so far, the longevity has been good. We shall see what the rest of the week brings, but for now, I say “like”! (


Kate Somerville’s Micro Glycolic Polisher I didn’t think it was possible to have skin even more dry and sensitive than mine was already, but this winter’s weather had upped the ante. While my Rodin oil has been keeping things well-hydrated in this hostile climate, I can’t seem to use even the gentlest of scrubs for exfoliation without feeling irritated. Enter Kate Somerville’s polisher. A few pumps is all I’ve been using once a week for a couple of months now. And I have to say that the results are far better than any scrub I’ve ever used: Soft, even and really clean. In my mind, all the product I put on after the polisher (Sonya Dakar’s Cellular Patch Cream, Visual Lift and Retinol Serum, followed by a vigorous massage with a few drops of the wonder oil*) absorbs more quickly and works more effectively after I’ve “polished”. That part may be in my mind, but the rest is not. This stuff is just great. (

And that is all I have this evening. Enjoy!


* Yes, I need them ALL, plus sunscreen. And a good brow shaping every couple of weeks. And a facial every six weeks or so. And a little makeup each day to look alive. This is how it goes in ones’ forties.

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On the Tube

March 22, 2013 § 2 Comments

Not the subway in London. I am writing of the television. Or iPad or other tablet that you may use to watch programming. (I’ve been reading legal documents, so please forgive the halting language.)

While I patiently wait for the return of Mad Men, followed by Breaking Bad’s last few episodes*, I have been thoroughly enjoying FX’s The Americans. I never watched Felicity, but will admit to being wary of Keri Russell playing a deep cover agent for the KGB during the cold war. But I am delighted to say that I was an idiot. She is fantastic. (And soooo tiny to kick so much a**!!) As is Matthew Rhys as her KGB Husband, who astounds me once again by his flawless American accent despite being Welsh**.

I’m not sure how best to describe this show. It has the slow burn of Mad Men but doesn’t over-use the time period to make any points. I suppose it is mostly about relationships, trust and loyalty, and what happens when those things don’t all fall into place so neatly. It is also about SPIES, so it is full of excellent fight scenes, “missions”, gadgets and disguises. There is a decent mount of violence and tons of sex (which could be toned down in my opinion), but the plot lines and characters are so consuming that it never feels as if that is the point of the show. So, if you are looking for something new to watch that isn’t mindless, give this one a shot.

_.._ _.._ ***

* What will Hank do??? Will Jesse be ok? And what leads Walter to that first scene of last season’s opening? God, I am going to miss this show.

** The one accent possibly more impenetrable than the Scottish accent. And I have recent experience: My new hair stylist is Scottish and I seriously have no idea what we discussed during most of my first visit with him. Thankfully, I love the cut, which includes bangs…for another post.

*** Yes, that is morse code for “xx”

Idea of the Day: Your Perfume is in My Napkin Ring!!!

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So, I bet you get as many perfume samples as I do. They just seem to arrive with everything these days. And sometimes, the scents are GOOD! So, I keep the ones that I like in my office for a “refresh” before going out or if I forgot to do a lil’ spritz at home.

The only “problem” I’ve encountered with these samples is keeping them in any kind of orderly and easy-to-find fashion. Until one day when I purchased these totally lovely but useless napkin rings on a whim. (I was relying very heavily on the “or beautiful” part of that William Morris quote. And I do adore them.) I had them out in the office for a while, but then decided that they were a little too precious for a workspace, and put them in a drawer…the same drawer that had my samples rolling around in. And then I just put the samples in the rings and a solution was born. Also perfect for a dressing table or bathroom, I think.


(Photo: Some Cozy Night)

Have I Mentioned? Tunes

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AlunaGeorge? A new-ish electronic duo from the U.K. that I am currently digging. Their single from last fall, “Your Drums, Your Love”, has been in very heavy rotation these days and I just heard that a new record is expected to be released this June. With no new Kylie or Goldfrapp expected anytime soon, I’ll be needing a little something New by then. Yay!

Just in case you need a little New yourself…available on iTunes.


One More Time For All The Old Times

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Ahhh…just when you think you are rounding the corner into spring and there could not possibly be any more snow, a Friday Surprise:



frosted trees

Thankfully the city decided to just brave it and complain, like proper New Yorkers. Everything was running, schools were open and we went to work. And honestly, it was still kind of pretty. Especially the trees that reminded my of powdered donuts. (I am in a Donut Phase. No judgement!)

But I think we are done for the season. For real. I am seeing all sorts of buds all over the place and my fall bulb planting is beginning to reveal itself, so I suspect I will be putting away my wellies and filling up my Nephew’s Easter basket in no time. Fingers crossed!


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For the “Yum” Files

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Mr. H and I are always looking for recipes that are easier to make than calling for take-out. And I feel as conflicted about this as you may feel, but, I think a number of the recipes on Goop are actually quite good. Tonight, we made this delicious salad made of blueberries, fennel stalks, cucumber and a few other tasty items ( with a little plain roasted chicken breast to bulk it up for dinner.* What can I say, it was delicious and light. The perfect thing to have when the rest of your week may have included pizza and wine on more than one occasion.



* When I am on my A-Game, I roast a few boneless, skinless ones with just a little olive oil, salt and pepper and freeze them for nights that call for tossing a little protein into whatever you are eating.

(Photo and plating: Mr. H)

A Grateful Experiment

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So, in my never-ending quest to become a Glass Half Full kind of person, I just added something new to my morning routine: Rather than charging right into thoughts about everything that I have to do on a given day, I’ve been making myself think of at least four things that I am grateful for first. I know it seems silly, but there are studies that point to increased overall happiness in people who express gratitude for the things that they have. So, I think that getting the mind into a positive place first thing in the morning is not such a bad idea. The funny thing is that in just a few days, it has become easier to make a list of more than four things and each one of them makes me smile. And I have mentioned that you can do this while you are making the bed? I do. So, no added time to the morning routine. 😉


Lady Di? Yes, Please!

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So, I am gearing up for spring and summer with a few more casual items, and found myself having a grand old time at A.P.C. today. As I have mentioned, A.P.C. has a way with slightly throwback but very cool garments. I even love their pared down bag…


As opposed to some other lines that are aggressively pushing brights (in which I have indulged), A.P.C. seems to be going a tad lighter. Lots of pinks and other pastels, a few sweet prints, all cut with a trace of very early eighties, “Sloane Ranger”* feel. Somehow, I was In. My loot: One pale pink, striped cotton top with a tunisian neckline, a silk blouse in a darling little fleuron print with a hidden placket and slightly billowy sleeves and…wait for it…super-pale blue jeans.


Each piece I tried on reminded me of Lady Diana and how adorable she looked before her engagement, with her pink cheeks and billowy frocks. And somehow, I decided that this wasn’t a problem, but a fresh look for now. (Hair excluded.)

I suppose it was bound to happen with the new Royal Baby in process and a trip to the English Countryside planned for the spring. But rather than adhere too closely to the look, I plan to make it a little more 2013 with some very sleek, gray suede sling backs (single sole!), cool cardies and a fitted trench from last fall.

I know what you are thinking: She’s nuts. But I urge you to give the look a whirl in a local dressing room before you say “pass”, if only to keep me from being all alone out there. 😉


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