Lady Di? Yes, Please!

March 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

So, I am gearing up for spring and summer with a few more casual items, and found myself having a grand old time at A.P.C. today. As I have mentioned, A.P.C. has a way with slightly throwback but very cool garments. I even love their pared down bag…


As opposed to some other lines that are aggressively pushing brights (in which I have indulged), A.P.C. seems to be going a tad lighter. Lots of pinks and other pastels, a few sweet prints, all cut with a trace of very early eighties, “Sloane Ranger”* feel. Somehow, I was In. My loot: One pale pink, striped cotton top with a tunisian neckline, a silk blouse in a darling little fleuron print with a hidden placket and slightly billowy sleeves and…wait for it…super-pale blue jeans.


Each piece I tried on reminded me of Lady Diana and how adorable she looked before her engagement, with her pink cheeks and billowy frocks. And somehow, I decided that this wasn’t a problem, but a fresh look for now. (Hair excluded.)

I suppose it was bound to happen with the new Royal Baby in process and a trip to the English Countryside planned for the spring. But rather than adhere too closely to the look, I plan to make it a little more 2013 with some very sleek, gray suede sling backs (single sole!), cool cardies and a fitted trench from last fall.

I know what you are thinking: She’s nuts. But I urge you to give the look a whirl in a local dressing room before you say “pass”, if only to keep me from being all alone out there. šŸ˜‰


(Photos: Some Cozy Night)

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