On the Tube

March 22, 2013 § 2 Comments

Not the subway in London. I am writing of the television. Or iPad or other tablet that you may use to watch programming. (I’ve been reading legal documents, so please forgive the halting language.)

While I patiently wait for the return of Mad Men, followed by Breaking Bad’s last few episodes*, I have been thoroughly enjoying FX’s The Americans. I never watched Felicity, but will admit to being wary of Keri Russell playing a deep cover agent for the KGB during the cold war. But I am delighted to say that I was an idiot. She is fantastic. (And soooo tiny to kick so much a**!!) As is Matthew Rhys as her KGB Husband, who astounds me once again by his flawless American accent despite being Welsh**.

I’m not sure how best to describe this show. It has the slow burn of Mad Men but doesn’t over-use the time period to make any points. I suppose it is mostly about relationships, trust and loyalty, and what happens when those things don’t all fall into place so neatly. It is also about SPIES, so it is full of excellent fight scenes, “missions”, gadgets and disguises. There is a decent mount of violence and tons of sex (which could be toned down in my opinion), but the plot lines and characters are so consuming that it never feels as if that is the point of the show. So, if you are looking for something new to watch that isn’t mindless, give this one a shot.

_.._ _.._ ***

* What will Hank do??? Will Jesse be ok? And what leads Walter to that first scene of last season’s opening? God, I am going to miss this show.

** The one accent possibly more impenetrable than the Scottish accent. And I have recent experience: My new hair stylist is Scottish and I seriously have no idea what we discussed during most of my first visit with him. Thankfully, I love the cut, which includes bangs…for another post.

*** Yes, that is morse code for “xx”

§ 2 Responses to On the Tube

  • josey says:

    I’m a big fan too! The Americans is one of the best shows on tv. Just be warned that a lot of the spy stuff is rife with suspense, so be prepared. This is not a sit back and relax kind of show.

  • Very true…not a relaxing show at all. Although, I do find it to be less anxious making than Breaking Bad. That show is downright scary sometimes. xx

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