April 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

Add “incredibly angry and frustrated” to that, and you will pretty much my state of mind at the moment.

I am not writing about this to complain. OK, maybe I am a little. But really, I am just sitting here wondering how to get past it, as it is completely not my strong suit.

Remembering all the good things in my life is a help, but when I am in the grips of the Disappointment Monster, it is hard to see through the haze. It dissipates, but not as fast as I would like. And sometimes the haze gives way to an unpleasant clarity that results in questioning: What is wrong with this picture? Am I willing to invest more — time, money, heart — in something that only seems to be making me feel bad? Will it get better??

Truth be told, it almost always gets better, and maybe the questioning is good, even if you’d rather not go there. For now, I think I will just go to bed. Sometimes it really does all look better in the morning.

So, for all the days that you are feeling like I am this evening, just remember that you are not alone.


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