Do Not Wait

April 10, 2013 § Leave a comment


This is one of my absolute favorite neon signs in New York. I have loved it for years and year and years. And have been meaning to get a photo of it for just as long. But for one reason or another, I haven’t been able to — or at least wasn’t motivated enough to make it happen. Then, a few weeks ago, Mr. H and I noticed that the building was for rent and the panic set in: Were we too late? Would this sign be gone before we could get to it? UGH!

Luckily, Mr. H was able to get a shot on the way back from an appointment today. Or rather, I should say that he took the time to get that shot. It could not have taken all that long, but I am sure once the sign is gone, we will both be happy to have this snap, since memories fade.

I know that this is, once again, a small thing. But I do think it is a good reminder of what we all know: Time moves in only one direction and you cannot expect things to always be the same. So, with that, let’s remember to take the time to do those things, both small and huge, that we’ve been meaning to do, just in case things change later.


(Photo: Mr. H)

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