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Last week it was my birthday and the official celebration of an award that Mr. H was given this year. I will be honest with you: I was not at all looking forward to my birthday or the event*. In spite of trying to keep it light here, this year has been kind of drag in lots of places so far, and the days leading up to my birthday were especially crappy. So, in spite of my now many years of wisdom and maturity, I was basically a big baby until we got ourselves off to one of my favorite homes away from home, The Carlyle:


Completely old school and totally cozy…the perfect antidote to my unreasonably bad mood. No doubt, the Whiskey Smash at Bemelmans, with Chris Gillespie playing our requests** and those cheese things I cannot stop eating had an essential Mellowing Effect.


Did I mentioned the Whisky Smash? Yes, it was good. And Mellowing.

Then we were off to dinner at a place I haven’t been to in forever: Jean Georges. And OMG, Mr. Vongerichten — the man who completely changed the face of my chicken stock — was there, hanging out at reception. So I got to say a little starstruck “hello” before we were taken to our table…


And well taken care of…


This all put me in an awfully good mood. As did the lovely sky that night…so pretty, even if it was a tad moody. (Who am I to judge?)


Alas, the moody night sky turned into the kind of barometric pressure day that gives me a migraine, which I woke up with. This was unacceptable. I needed to be in good shape to celebrate with Mr. H and the rest of our team, and wear this dress, which I had picked specifically for this occasion:

sometimesitisallaboutthe dress

So, I took two excidrin migraine tablets and rather than hole myself up in bed, went for a walk in the park with Mr. H, that may be better described as a “sit” with a bottle of cold Poland Spring pressed against my head. And either through sheer will to wear that dress and be merry, or a change in pressure combined with those magic pills, I was feeling better by the time we hit our favorite lunch place for some much-needed carbs. And then we got ourselves tidied up and off to Celebration No. 2. Which I have to say, was very nice, mostly on account of being able to cheer for my Mr. H and celebrate with all the people who make our company as interesting and fun as it could possibly be.

It is kind of funny to have a birthday and something like this so close to each other. Each little event was kind of begging me to think about “what I have accomplished” in my life and in my work. And I have to say that as I think about it now, as frustrating and challenging both can be (not just for me, for all of us), on the whole, it is very much worth celebrating.


(Photos, which I insist on taking myself or getting Mr. H to take because I am IP Sensitive: Some Cozy Night)

* Even though I was truly, truly thrilled that Mr. H was among those being celebrated.
** Yes, we go there a lot. And have for along time. And yes, I am only 42.

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