Weekend Loaf

July 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

So, this weekend was a bit of a wash weather and migraine-wise, but that didn’t keep us down entirely. First, Mr. H made it a point to capture this…


I know hydrangea are kind of the flower out here, but I never tire of them. Especially when I can never be quite so sure how blue they are going to get in a given season. I think this one is just the prettiest mix of blue, pink and purple. Love.

Now, note the small rain drops on the leaves. It did, in fact, rain quite a bit yesterday. And with my need to stay as close to home (and my ice packs and bed) as possible, Mr. H and I tried to come up with activities that would be satisfying without leaving the house. Naturally, in a sort of random way, we got on the subject of bread baking. Except for quick breads, neither of us had ever baked a loaf. It always seemed like a big bother, and so it never happened.

But a few weeks ago over dinner with friends, I was assured that the 18-Hour Bread recipe really delivered on taste without the need for much “dough work” on the baker’s part. So, we found ourselves thinking “Hey, we are here, let’s give it a shot”. Except it got better! During my search for the 18-Hour version, I actually found another modified version by Mark Bittman that only has 5 hours of rising time!! Five hours plus 45 minutes for baking!! We could be eating bread at dinner!! So the plan was set into (the least possible) motion…

Here are the details, which took us about ten minutes of actual labor:



Alas, we were total sloths this weekend and ordered a pizza for dinner, but we DID make the bread and had some fresh out of the oven. (Yes, I will be on the treadmill later today, probably for the rest of the day.) While a little flat on account of my loaf pan being too large, it was insanely delicious:


And even better with jam and good butter this morning. So I have got to call this the most fruitful Weekend of Laziness we’ve had all summer — and suggest you try same.


(Photos: Mr. H)

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