A Revelation

July 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

Well, the last few days have been sort of like a Double Stuffed Oreo of Unexpected Activities, Unpleasantness (and not just the smell of the  streets), and Too Much To Do. Yes, I know. I always seem to have Too Much To Do, but for some reason, it just keeps happening. And yesterday as I was leaving the house for the office, with A+O in tow and in very high suede sandals that were a must with the outfit I was wearing, I noticed that the boxwood at the top of the steps looked really, really dry. Even though I checked the soil on Sunday and it seemed fine. Mild Panic ensued, as I feel extremely responsible for anything that needs to be kept alive at my house.


Now, as I mentioned, I had two terriers attached to my wrist, a tote filled with legal and other work documents — but strangely enough not my wallet, which added to the day’s stress upon discovery — and was wearing extremely lovely but vertiginous heels. And yet, before locking the door, I seriously contemplated watering the boxwood. Did I mention that I needed to be in midtown in like five seconds?  Well, I did. Yet still I contemplated. And then I remembered that it was too late in the morning to water* and ran off to work.

The day flew by and my poor boxwood never crossed my mind, especially since I pretty much spent the day running around town sans wallet, to, among other engagements that require credit cards and identification, a doctor’s appointment. (I did manage to get my insurance company to email a temporary card to me. The wonders of The Modern World!) And when finally I arrived home that evening, at the top of the steps stood my boxwood in all its dehydrated glory. Luckily, I was sans-dogs and now in flats — I am always prepared — and I lugged myself up the steps and into the house and then watered the darn thing. Needless to say, I felt much better. A few moments later the revelation hit me:

I cannot do everything. 

I know we all say that to ourselves all the time. Or I do, at least. All the time. “I can’t do everything!” But I realized at that moment that what I really mean by this is “I can’t do everything this very moment but I will totally do everything as soon as I can.” Does this seems like a good plan for life to you? Me neither.

But how to eliminate the implied end of my “I cannot do everything” statement? Well, I suppose really letting it sink in is the first step. And for heavens sake, I studied management for like a billion years, so I should be able to apply some of that training, right? A quick review of my overall “getting things done” behavior reveals that I do “outsource” plenty and I excel at prioritizing courtesy of the giant GANTT chart** in my head. BUT…I still wind up managing it all. Not because there isn’t necessarily anyone to share the tasks with, but more often because I don’t ask for enough help. Remember when I said I was working on that in January? Well, so far, FAIL. But hey, there are still almost six months to go, so maybe I’ll call for a re-set and see what happens. In the meantime, I have to water my boxwood again. (No, I am not kidding.)

Wish me luck!


* It is actually bad to water during the warmest parts of the day.

** http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gantt_chart

(Photo of my near-death boxwood: Some Cozy Night)

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