August 19, 2013 § 1 Comment

In addition to Beach Reading, we’ve also been doing a fair amount of Beach Watching as we wind down the last few weeks of summer.* And one of the shows we’ve been watching is the second season of Girls, which I kind of love. It is hilarious. And oddly honest. (Although, there is a touch too much “naked time” for my taste.)

My early twenties may have seemed a lot more together than the those of the characters on this show, but I think Lena Dunham pretty much nails it in terms of how I felt on the inside. Every awkward moment. Every “what the hell” adventure. And every swing from “I am BRILLIANT” to “I am SUCH a loser”. It is all there, making me laugh and thank the heavens I am no longer a young twenty-something.

Now, there is a little issue I want to address about the last episode I watched (SPOILER ALERT), where Marni (the “hot but composed, going places one”) tells another male character that what she really wants to do is sing. And he responds that she should do it right now. His reasoning was that there was never a time when she was going to be more beautiful…more desirable…and so, this was her moment. She had better act fast.


The harsh reality — which is one of the reasons that I love this show, it puts it out there — is that from a certain, real world perspective, this is true. Young, pretty women get gigs and records deals. Young, pretty women are viewed by a many young men (and a lot of older ones) as the best “get” in terms of dating. And yet…

How many women do you know that are completely beautiful and desirable and interesting and accomplished that are not in their twenties? My guess is quite a few. I am surrounded by them — and I am not just talking about “beautiful on the inside”, even though they are that, too. So while the scene portrayed a completely authentic exchange, I do think it is important to remember that the notion of “this is the time when you will be your most beautiful” is really kind of hooey. You just probably need to be a little older to realize it.


* Truth be told, there has also been some Beach Working, but when you must, you must.

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