It’s All Good…is Really Good!

October 6, 2013 § 2 Comments

You all know of my mixed feelings about Gwyneth Paltrow. She is kind of a kook, kind of oblivious, but sometimes she and I have scarily similar taste. That said, I would never wear a dress with completely see through side panels, no matter how great my a** looked. I also cannot make it through five minutes of a Tracy Anderson workout with feeling certain that I was going to die.

I am also not a believer in crazy diets, but here is the thing: Many of the recipes found on Goop are delicious and pretty healthy. So when her latest cookbook, It’s All Good was published earlier this year, I decided to give it a try.


And I have to be completely honest with you: Everything I have tried has been delicious, including…

The Korean Chicken Tacos
The Lentil Salad
Perfectly Cooked Quinoa
The Carrot Salad with Black Sesame + Ginger
The Crazy Good Fish Tacos (seriously delicious)
Veggie Stock
The Avocado Toast (and now I love Veganese)
And my big favorite, which was also last night’s dinner…
Risotto with Peas + Greens

This one has no cheese in it, making it a Guilt Free dinner when served with a side of blue oyster mushrooms sauted in a touch of butter and olive oil with a little white wine, leeks and parsley.


I have avoided the gluten free baking (but imagine it would be very useful for people who need to avoid the stuff) , yet can’t wait to try the many other satisfying-looking dishes that seem to check out with my overall Recipe Sense. (This is Spidey Sense for whether a recipe looks “right”.)

Basically, the recipes are “Ina Light”. Easy, reliable, and perfect for at-home meals that aren’t complete calorie bombs. As such, I actually keep a copy of the book on my iPhone so I can refer to it when trying to make something healthy for dinner that I would not normally make. Extremely helpful, even if it sounds nuts.

I think a great deal of credit must be given to her co-author, Julia Turshen, who I suspect is the engine that makes all the recipes “go”, but I am going to give Ms. Paltrow the credit she deserves of helping the book happen in the first place.



(Photos: Some Cozy Night)

§ 2 Responses to It’s All Good…is Really Good!

  • Mariah Fredericks says:

    Intrigued. What’s the real cooking time for the recipes? And how much do they depend on ingredients not found at the average supermarket?

    • Hey there! I’ve found the cooking to times really depend upon the recipe, but aren’t off from what she estimates. For example, the Korean Chicken Tacos — which she says up front are a bit of a production — take a lot of time because there are a number of nested recipes. But that risotto probably takes less than an hour assuming you have the stock on hand. There are also things that are great to make ahead (like my Ina), including some of the grain-based salads, which I make the night before for lunch the next day, and all the salad dressings which keep well.

      I was surprised to find that many of the ingredients could be found at my local King Kullen. Many of the recipes I’ve tried have an Asian inflection, so if you are more of French/Italian/American cook, you may need to buy things like sesame oil, mirin, hot sauces and the like. But really, there hasn’t been anything that I could not find an able substitute for if I couldn’t find exactly what was called for, and there was nothing super outlandish. (I think if you are doing the baking, things might be different, although I did find quinoa pasta at Fresh Direct last night, so who knows!)

      I hope that helps!!


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