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Sometimes some of the most amazing places aren’t all that far away. While we try to make a point of visiting things that are “close enough”, Mr. H and I had never been to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater*, which was just wrong. It is about 90 minutes outside of Pittsburgh (a kind of cool city, from what I could glean in the few hours we were there) and the city itself really isn’t that far from New York. So, for his birthday this past summer, I planned a Fallingwater Getaway as a present.

Needless to say, it was a present that we both enjoyed, especially with the scent of wet leaves and pine trees floating in the air and the sound of rushing water surrounding us…






Please make note of the fact that this was built in the mid-1930’s and building a cantilevered structure on a waterfall was kind of audacious — and not necessarily easy to do. But that was Wright’s way, I suppose. I get it.

And while the house is designed to focus you on the outdoors, I can’t help but also pay attention to the interiors as well. I love that this house, built for the Kaufman family, who one could say were “flush”, is 2,500 square feet of interior space and another 2,500 of exterior space. Pretty modest when you think about what they could have built…



These photos pretty much are the entire kitchen — and the only kitchen — in the house. Our guide said that the Kaufman’s Chef replaced the Aga with an electric stove for a spell, but the thankfully the Aga is back where it belongs. And the living area contained spaces for dining, lounging, working and even steps to a pool one floor below…very chic and seriously new for the time.





The bedrooms, studies and baths were all equally modest in scale, and had some truly lovely moments…





And sometimes when there is water rushing all around you, and structure and line begging you to look out, you have to remind yourself to also look up:


This is just some of the white wisteria that covered a canopy outside Mrs. Kaufman’s bedroom. Even not in bloom, it was beautiful and peaceful. As I think Mr. Wright meant it to be at Fallingwater. If you can, do see it for yourself.


(Photos: Some Cozy Night)

* Tons of information can be found at these links, and many others:

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  • joseyi says:

    What an amazing house! Funny to think I would not have appreciated it 10 or 20 years ago.

  • I somehow doubt that one, J, if not for the site alone. 😉 But I will admit that I had a much more emotional reaction to Philip Johnson’s Glass House and if I ever get my hands on the photos I took there, a post will be forthcoming. (And that one I could see you not loving years ago, but I think you would dig it now.) xx

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