When is it Cheating?

November 15, 2013 § 1 Comment

This isn’t what you think it is about. Unless you, like me, don’t wear fur (or feathers or exotic skins or calf hair) but sometimes find yourself confronted with a coat or other item that is “faux” but awfully convincing.* There have been such major advances in textiles these last few years that I find myself tempted to give it a try, but I never quite get there. 

Why? Well, I sometimes feel as if these advancements are almost too convincing, and therefore someone may see me walking down the street wearing a really great faux item and think that I am wearing something that I am not. And confusing anyone regarding my feelings on this issue is not something I want to do. (Yes, I know this is a little nuts.) And so, I pass. 

But this year folks have been doing amazing things with alpaca, which is wonderfully warm and based on my research, perfectly ok for me to wear. Still I can’t help but notice that lots of the alpaca garments are leaving the strands of the material longer…which starts to look a lot like skinned fur. In the words of Charlie Brown “ARGH!!!”. So do I or don’t I? Right now, I am replying on looped yarns for that texture I’ve been craving, but still, I just had to order this alpaca coat today that, upon closer inspection, may be one of those deceiving items. Or maybe it is totally ok. I guess I’ll know whether it is cheating or not when I slip it on. More in two to three business days. 


* Alas, I do wear leather shoes and bags, and have a piece of leather furniture or two in my home. Oh, and I eat meat. But only from certain places. Ack. It is hard to draw the line. And I know that line is different for everyone, so no judgement here. It is just what I do…or don’t do. You get my drift. 

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