The Breakup, The Bangs

April 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

For the last 16 years, I was in a monogamous relationship with my hair stylist. He undid bad highlights (“Who did this to you?” was one of the first things he ever asked me in a withering French accent), was at my house way-too-early on the morning of my wedding to make sure my hair was perfect (by all accounts, it was), and has seen me through all lengths, changing levels of layers and the transition from natural to semi-permanent to permanent color to eliminate those pesky grays.

I knew his dogs, loved his assistants and even got the occasional meal or cocktail with my friend, who also happened to be the man who made me look a heck of a lot more human. It wasn’t that I was unhappy in the relationship, exactly. But over time, things did change. Then an extremely awkward situation arose, and I basically had to stop seeing him. I wish him nothing but the best in his life and career, but in a funny way, I don’t exactly feel terrible about the whole thing. And that actually makes me feel bad. (I know I am not alone in having this particular feeling of Guilt Because I Don’t Feel Guilty. It happens. Right??)

I imagined and feared that changing hair stylists after this many years would be daunting and emotional. But it was surprisingly Not Horrible. And for this, I have to thank the adorable little feature on called “Five Days, Five Looks, 1 Girl”. Catherine Piercy’s profile in particular:

I had looked at all the usual suspects (Garren, Fekkai and John Barrett to name a few), but they all felt so “Of Course!”. And I wasn’t exactly looking for that kind of primped and pampered look. I wanted something that felt fresh, but didn’t look like I was trying too hard. And, gosh darn it, I wanted bangs. Karlie Kloss’s, specifically:

Cute, right?? And even though pretty much everyone seems to want them, I didn’t care. I still did, too.

Enter Tommy Guns on the Lower East Side, Catherine Piercy’s salon of record. Now, this place is probably way too young for me, but what of it? I like the punk-ish London* with dash of Too-Hip Williamsburg** feel and the no-nonsense manner of the place. After some research, I left my color to the fantastic Stephanie, who took every last bit of Mexican Sun out of my hair and made it a cool, dark blue brown. (She has since repeated this feat, and even one of my regular “friends” at Marni had to let me know — more than once — that she was “digging all that blue”.***)

And then came the cut. I was flying a touch blind here, but Catherine — who I do not know, mind you — mentioned Derek Bogle in her piece. And since Catherine looked awfully cute in her photos and she works at Vogue, I decided that Derek would be The One. Unlike my last salon (French, French, French), this shop’s founder is English, and Derek is Scottish and rather excellent in his mellow but slightly bawdy way. He dropped by while I was discussing color with Stephanie to say hello and to talk cut.

I showed him a selection of Karlie photos, and told him that I wanted to avoid anything too “styled” or polished. And I wanted to stop relying on The Bun every day. (It is a crutch!) Karlie’s style is on the shorter side, and I was totally willing to go there. But when I sat down in his chair, Derek told me that he’d had “a little think”, and decided that the bangs were going to be a huge enough change and that he was going to cut those, throw in a ton of layers and not do much else. Less than and hour later, it was done. And I LOVED it.

Really, it is a great cut. (Even Mr. H loves it.) Shockingly new — a mix of Klute and Bullitt, if that is possible — but it still felt like me. So while for some months now I have been feeling like “me” was what I had always had, it turns out that this wasn’t necessarily the case. Which I suppose is really the point of the post: Sometimes when you go outside of your comfort zone, you will find yourself feeling even more “you” than you maybe did before. Just a little something to keep in mind should you ever be feeling like you need a little — or huge — change yourself. I vote “Go For It!”.


* And yes, in addition to wine and other beverages, they make a mean cup of tea.
** The location of their other salon, naturally. My money is on my never darkening that door.
*** Please note: my hair IS NOT BLUE. There just isn’t much red to speak of in its current state of brown-ness.

Tommy Guns is located at 138 Ludlow Street (exceedingly close to ‘inoteca on Rivington if you are peckish afterwards) in Manhattan. More info about the salon and its Brooklyn counterpart can be found here:

Have I Mentioned?? Maintenance Edition

July 3, 2013 § 4 Comments


I happen to be sitting in the waiting area of the service department for my car. As the minutes have turned into hours, I remembered that I have other maintenance items of note:

Christophe Robin’s Rose Conditioner
You may remember that I have been using his shampoo and wheat germ hair mask for a few months now. With success on that end, I decided to go a little deeper and started using this excellent conditioner when I don’t have time for a mask. What can I say? It smells heavenly — and not too strong — and nicely hydrates the hair. And have I mentioned the use of conditioner as shampoo for a light wash? It works especially well when you just want to touch up and not dry our your locks or to give your bangs a little extra shine. Like!

Kate Somerville Moisturizer and Eye Cream
While I have been using Sonya Dakar’s line for a decade with great happiness, I was kind of looking for a change. Since the Kate Somerville Glycolic Polisher is so great on my skin, I thought I would give these two products a whirl. So far, pretty good, but it takes a little time for my skin to get completely acclimated. But, overall, I am digging it! (And still devoted to the Rodin oil and Dakar Retinol treatment.)

Kiehl’s Eye Makeup Remover
I’ve been using this for years and don’t think that I have ever revealed my love of this product. Gentle and effective. Perfect.

And now back to my other regularly scheduled maintenance…



(Photos: Some Cozy Night)

On the Tube

March 22, 2013 § 2 Comments

Not the subway in London. I am writing of the television. Or iPad or other tablet that you may use to watch programming. (I’ve been reading legal documents, so please forgive the halting language.)

While I patiently wait for the return of Mad Men, followed by Breaking Bad’s last few episodes*, I have been thoroughly enjoying FX’s The Americans. I never watched Felicity, but will admit to being wary of Keri Russell playing a deep cover agent for the KGB during the cold war. But I am delighted to say that I was an idiot. She is fantastic. (And soooo tiny to kick so much a**!!) As is Matthew Rhys as her KGB Husband, who astounds me once again by his flawless American accent despite being Welsh**.

I’m not sure how best to describe this show. It has the slow burn of Mad Men but doesn’t over-use the time period to make any points. I suppose it is mostly about relationships, trust and loyalty, and what happens when those things don’t all fall into place so neatly. It is also about SPIES, so it is full of excellent fight scenes, “missions”, gadgets and disguises. There is a decent mount of violence and tons of sex (which could be toned down in my opinion), but the plot lines and characters are so consuming that it never feels as if that is the point of the show. So, if you are looking for something new to watch that isn’t mindless, give this one a shot.

_.._ _.._ ***

* What will Hank do??? Will Jesse be ok? And what leads Walter to that first scene of last season’s opening? God, I am going to miss this show.

** The one accent possibly more impenetrable than the Scottish accent. And I have recent experience: My new hair stylist is Scottish and I seriously have no idea what we discussed during most of my first visit with him. Thankfully, I love the cut, which includes bangs…for another post.

*** Yes, that is morse code for “xx”

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