Retro Leftovers

December 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

I decided to go super-traditional this year with Christmas and made a giant turkey. Mr. H was kind enough to brine it without our usual giant brining bin, and even upped the ante by roasting the bird himself. (I suppose that means that I did not make a turkey on Christmas, then, does it? Well, at least I planned the menu.) I am happy to report that it came out beautifully, but since we could not pawn all the leftover meat on to our relatives, we had a little situation. One that not only included leftover turkey, but also a sizable bag of fresh mushrooms that my Mother brought over because…well…I guess it was because she had them and was leaving for Florida the next day.

Those leftovers felt like a time bomb in my refrigerator. I had to do something with them quickly and preferably something that was not disgusting. I was thinking a pot pie could be the answer, but the mushrooms seemed out of place. Thankfully, my old Joy of Cooking had a better idea: Turkey Ala King. Yes, that stew-like dish from, I think, the fifties. I had never made it before since I do not live in the fifties, but the main ingredients were turkey and mushrooms, so I dove in…


While not exactly photogenic, it was extremely delicious. And although I tend to prepare fare that is more of this century, I do have a thing for vintage cookbooks…


I love their covers and the wonderful illustrations that can often be found in them. Most of mine are back in the city, but I have a few here that make great reading:  MFK Fisher is a must for any foodie, and a personal favorite of mine,  Liberace Cooks!* , is a treasure for anyone who appreciates the absurd.



* I came to know of this cookbook while searching online for others for my collection. (Alibris and Abe’s Books are good sources.) I know the sixties and seventies were a different time, but how could any publisher think a Liberace cookbook would be a great bit of cross marketing? I just don’t know. I mean, does Cher have a cookbook? (Don’t answer that.) Anyway, Mr. H made sure I got a copy for Christmas last year. Like I said, he gets me.


(Photos: Some Cozy Night. And I am saving my Liberace Cooks! photos for when I can post about the bio-pic of Mr. Showmanship,  starring Michael Douglas. Yes, this is really happening. Yay.)

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