Comfort and Joy

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We finally made it! And I am so happy to be out of the city for a spell and to have nothing to do but cook Christmas dinner and open presents.* On the way out to the beach, Mr. H had the radio tuned into a station that was playing nothing but Christmas Carols.**I have a number of favorite ones — “Away in a Manger” and “What Child is This” are two — but had completely forgotten that one of my all-time favorites is “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”. (No, I do not know how I could have forgotten this carol. I really don’t.) Naturally it was in the rotation and the phrase “Comfort and Joy” has been swirling around my head ever since.

What lovely things to wish for someone and to have for yourself. So, I am wishing that for you, in whatever form it may take.

Happy Holidays.



*Less happy that our neighbors by the beach seem to have the only construction crew willing to work on Saturdays and in the rain and cold, but whatever. I think I am earning some good Remodeling Karma on that one. We shall see.

** Not to be confused with Christmas Songs, which tend to drive me nuts.

(Photo of the 2012 mantle at the beach: Some Cozy Night)

You Know What This One is About

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Mr. H and I got to the beach early this morning and were able to get ourselves in decent shape for cooking Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. As I write this, I’ve got some squash roasting and we should have the stuffing and cranberry relish complete before our bedtime tonight. So I seem to have a little extra time tonight to reflect on the year so far and the notion of being “thankful”.

It isn’t hard to get down these days, which is why I like Thanksgiving. If you give it a moment, you can fill up on memories of happy times and the people — and dogs — that you love, and the world doesn’t seem so bad after all. Definitely a reason to be thankful. (Plus, you can eat stuffing!)

And then there are the Little Things, which you are probably sick to death of my going on about. But I am doing it anyway:  One of my favorites is the view outside my bedroom window…


It is a small view, but I find it extremely comforting on account of it being constant yet always changing. When I remember to pay attention, it is a perfect reminder of what has past, what is here and what is to come. And yes —  for this I am thankful.


Happy Thanksgiving.




(Photo: Some Cozy Night)



Not That Anyone Asked…

October 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

But this is the best “Loo”* cleanser I’ve come across:

I know. I know. WHY did I feel compelled to share this?? Because it is effective and smells quite nice and, you know, cleaning is a part of life.

More fun post next time.


Wondering about the origins? Here you go, from the Always Interesting Jason Kottke:

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